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Mailbag: Pick McEvoy for council

On Tuesday, the Costa Mesa City Council will appoint a new member to fill the unexpired term of Katrina Foley, who has joined the Newport-Mesa school board. I would urge the council members to fill the vacancy with a person who has displayed a genuine commitment to the well-being of the city: Chris McEvoy.

McEvoy narrowly missed being elected to the council this past November, despite having mounted a small-budget, no-frills campaign. He represents a fresh, independent voice, untied to special interests or conflicts of interest. I hope the council members will see these qualities for what they are and resist the temptation to select instead someone who agrees with them. Costa Mesa doesn’t need lockstep conformity on its council; we need reasoned debate and willingness to consider multiple viewpoints.

I ask the council members to do what’s best for Costa Mesa — not what’s best for politics. Please select Chris McEvoy to fill the vacancy on the City Council.

Robert E. Lee Jr.


Costa Mesa

New Year’s Day stabbing

Re. “Man killed at Hilton,” (Jan. 1): Nice black eye for this event, what a shame. Glad I went to the OC Fair’s New Year’s Block Party.

Bob Abooey



We liked the DP103

Re. “Lobdell: Remember those historic figures (Dec. 31): Kudos, Mr. (William) Lobdell. This is an excellent column to present at this time of the year. We all need to remember our pioneers.



Re: “Lobdell: Newport-Mesa’s edition of ‘Jeopardy!’ (Dec. 27): This is neither clever nor interesting. These columns have been far below the caliber of writing I expected from someone with Lobdell’s experience.




Jokerman949, your anonymous rants are beyond boring. Clearly, you wouldn’t know good writing if it bit you on the posterior. If you don’t like what Lobdell writes, simply don’t read it. Until you identify yourself your comments mean zip, nada, nothing! And a big Happy New Year to you.

Geoff West


On Dec. 28, my neighbor ordered a Time Warner bundle. The installer disconnected my phone line, crossed the neighbors’ line with my phone, cleverly creating the new 21st century party line and then refused to fix it, even though I threatened an earthquake.

After spending seven hours on the phone trying to get this fixed, I was told by a Time Warner supervisor that it was illegal for Time Warner to fix my line and that they did not have the competence and that I would have to call AT&T.

AT&T is coming to reconnect my phone on Jan.14, so no holiday greetings, no happy New Year from family and friends, and untold loss of business during the next two weeks. But what the heck, you can leave a message for the neighbor on my answering machine.

Margaret Torley

Corona Del Mar