Mailbag: Neighbors don't need a bigger boat

After reading the last few articles from the Daily Pilot about Dennis Holland's boat project, I find myself very disappointed in your newspaper ("City to shipwright: When?", Jan. 4). The Daily Pilot has failed to provide a balanced and unbiased representation of how this project has adversely affected the surrounding neighborhood.

Your articles continue to present Mr. Holland's views in detail, but not the views of the neighbors. I suggest that you take some time to present how this boat has adversely affected property values, brought about an unsightly blight and been the cause for concern about the unknown toxins that this project may be exposing us and our children to.

As Councilman Hill pointed out, this project has been frustrating to all of us due to the length of time it has carried on. When Mr. Holland moved the boat into the neighborhood, he indicated that his intention was to be finished with the project in 12 to 18 months.

The project is now approaching five years!

The people who support the project don't live near it. If they did, I guarantee you that they would want it out of their neighborhood, just like we do.

The boat needs to be moved to a boatyard, where it can be worked on in a safe environment without encroaching on a neighborhood's right to peace of mind.

Mike Lugo

Newport Beach

Norwegian weighs in on Mr. Holland's opus…

Nice article. Spotted it through Facebook.

Dennis Holland, a Newport Beach resident who has prostate cancer, is restoring a 72-foot yacht at his home. This man is preserving maritime heritage. I admire him. This is good pedagogy for the grown-ups and children in the neighborhood. Schools in the area should visit the project — and Dennis could tell the story of the ship.

Dennis is taking on this task, because, as I understand it, with his own funds he probably cannot afford to hire expensive work labor. So if the neighbors want to get rid of the project, they can collect money and give it to Dennis so he can finish his project.

We who have done this know the astronomic cost of a project like that.

Olav Bjørshol


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