Mailbag: Need to face future at Dwyer

I just wanted to weigh in on the discussion about the proposed solar panels at Dwyer Middle School ("Parents protest solar panel site," Dec. 23). I am a Huntington Beach resident, too. I love historic buildings. Dwyer is no exception; it's fantastic.

I have recently completed a solar panel installation class at Orange Coast College. It was unbelievably informative.

From what I have learned from the class about the importance of placement of solar arrays, there is a problem with each of the alternate locations at Dwyer. Most of the alternatives have shading problems in either the morning or evening.

The roofs are out because the panels are less efficient so close to the roof. Roofs get extremely hot on warm days, and heat makes the panels less effective. They would have to be placed high off the roof to allow enough airflow to cool the panels. That might be less desirable visually.

The selected spot is the ideal location to maximize peak sun hours. This means the most value will be gained each day from the initial investment and for a long time to come.

I also often wish that the symbols of our heritage could last forever. But that is unrealistic.

Perhaps a graceful marriage and acceptance of the old and the new together is not as bad as it now seems. When my sons attended Dwyer, I wished they had more shade to offer during recesses. Fair skin damages quickly.

Once the panels are in, there will be no more electricity price increases for 25 years or more at Dwyer. I like the community involvement, but there are bigger issues than aesthetics and a longing for the past.

James Sutton

Huntington Beach

Thumbs up for one columnist…

Thanks to Tom Titus for his great column. My husband and I have been subscribers to Golden West College productions for many years. Many times, I want to tell everyone how much I enjoyed the show.

I am so glad that Titus is on hand to spread the word about this wonderful gift in our community, and let the actors know they too are appreciated. This two-column review ("'Othello' tops list of shows at GWC," On Theater, Dec. 23) is especially nice to highlight these talented people.

Pam Vallot

Huntington Beach

…And thumbs down for another

I am so disgusted with the content of the Greer's OC column that I am compelled to write.

The purpose of this column appears to be free advertising for the businesses mentioned. These businesses should take out an advertisement. There is very little value to her columns.

You keep cutting back on coverage of real news such as the City Council meetings, local crime, etc.

I would like to see some real journalism in the newspaper. I find it difficult to believe there isn't other Huntington Beach material that could be included.

Please remove or revamp the Greer's OC column.

Martha Fuchs

Huntington Beach

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