Mailbag: Reagan column gets residents talking

Re. "Lobdell: What would Ronald Reagan think?" (Jan. 24):

Thanks for that clever, insightful article regarding the Reagan statue — a masterpiece! No president's statue should be placed at our City Hall, Republican or Democrat. And certainly not without thorough public review and approval. In Reagan's case, there are good and bad things to say about his governorship and his presidency, but none of them relates to the history and culture of Newport Beach. At a time when our country is struggling to reduce divisiveness, this action will only aggravate it locally.

Barbara and Robert Shelton

Corona del Mar


I agree with everything that Lobdell wrote except the part about the University of California. Reagan took what was essentially a free, top-notch educational system and made it like another set of private schools with high tuitions and costs that put it out of the reach of many intellectually qualified students.

Beyond that, Reagan oversaw the start of the dismantling of the middle class as well as the beginning of the rule by banks and corporations. His deregulation moves were the beginning of the massive economic troubles we are experiencing today. Reagan was bought by these types and switched from being a man-of-the-people Democrat who represented the working union people in the movie industry, to a corporate shill who bought the incredibly flawed supply-side economics scheme promulgated by the moneyed few who still own most of those in Congress.

Government that is run by corporations has a name. It is fascism. Instead of one dictator, we have bankers and business moguls who are, with lock-step determination, trying to dismantle our democratic government. That isn't the Newport Beach I know.

Except for the hold that USCers like to claim on our fair city, no one likes the idea of a non-democracy at any level — even local.

I guess they think that those who own the government should run it.

Thanks, Ron!



Seems hard to believe this is that big of a deal to someone. All of the money would be privately raised. Reagan is adored by the vast majority of Newport residents. The timing would be directly linked with a major centennial event. Reagan drove the economic initiatives that caused economy to thrive, benefitting hotbeds like Newport directly. The statue would be a mere symbol, nothing else. Must be something really bad going on out there to write about. I bet I can think of a few good things. As for this, well, I suggest "reprioritizing" your frustrations. Kudos to the council on this one. Can't wait to show my kids the statue and explain that I live in Newport Beach to some degree because of the work Ronald Reagan did.



I again find myself agreeing with Lobdell. A statue of Reagan is an awful idea for City Hall. Good column.


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