Mailbag: Reagan statue has plenty of fans

I understand that there will be a statue of President Reagan in front of the new Newport Beach City Hall. I feel that this is an excellent decision on the part of the City Council. I also understand that this is being funded by private donations. This is the best news I have heard all year. Reagan was, in my opinion, the greatest modern president. The reasons to place a statue of him are to honor a great man and create a point of inspiration for young men and women.

Reagan was not only a great politician. He was also a great actor and great Californian. As president, he was vocal against Communism and the U.S.S.R.

As an actor, he is remembered for his performances in many great movies, such as "Knute Rockne, All American," where he got the nickname, "the Gipper," and "King's Row."

As a Californian, he was one of our greatest governors, cutting taxes and slowing the welfare giant.

In an age where the government feeds lies and supports sinful acts, aspiring young Americans need someone to look up to. This man is Ronald Reagan; he is a hero to many Americans. He has inspired young Americans to do great things for decades. So why should there not be a statue in his honor in a place where young people will frequent. They will think, "You know what! If some actor went on to be a great president, why cannot I?"

Finally, because of the fact that no taxpayer dollars are being spent, it proves that even in death he is still loved. These are the reasons why I believe that this is a great idea.

Peter Jensen, age 15

Lido Isle


Writer had his facts wrong on Reagan

It appears that a Daily Pilot writer has some strong feelings, one Harry Sauberman wrote, "As a resident in Ocean Heights, I strongly object to a statue to honor President Ronald Reagan. In my opinion, he was the worst president during the 20th Century" (Mailbag, Feb. 5). Sauberman goes on to say that he is not a "hate-Reagan" person, but a "responsible businessman and millionaire, with a different point of view," and is against honoring such a "lightweight president."

If Sauberman's rant against President Reagan was not so obviously self-serving and had it better handled the facts, it might have been marginally relevant. But it's laughable, and a response is due.

Ronald Reagan was the greatest president of the 20th Century. Most Americans feel that way. Sauberman doesn't like it. But he can be sure that another Reagan will be along, sooner than later, to right the White House ship that seems to be drifting so aimlessly.

That president, he or she, will represent the true principles of this nation. That president will stand by our allies, no matter what. And like Reagan, that president will travel to foreign soil, not to apologize for America, but to demand that the monuments to tyranny be torn down and for the true meaning of freedom to be shared throughout the world. That president will empower the middle class while keeping those who would do harm to our citizens at bay.

Jim Donnell

Newport Beach

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