Mailbag: It's time to start healing Costa Mesa

I'm still trying to process the suicide tragedy at Costa Mesa City Hall on March 17. An extreme consequence from an extreme City Council agenda, is what it appears to me. As we all try to heal through this, may I offer this advice to the mayor and council?

First, trim the budget with a scalpel, not a hatchet. Second, treat your employees with respect and compassion; they are your city's greatest resource. And third, stop reducing the operating budgets of the police and fire departments — there have been too many reductions in service already.

There is no substitute for the number of officers and firefighters on duty protecting us.

Mike Sprenger

Costa Mesa


City should delay layoffs

Unfortunately, a sad city worker killed himself ("Costa Mesa city employee jumps to death at City Hall, March 17). It is sad for our city, Costa Mesa, and for everyone. If there is a money issue, people have to think money comes and goes, but that life goes on. And remember, life comes only once. I am very sad to see that young man took his life. Why?

This is a very difficult time for everyone — city workers, the mayor, City Council members. I am kindly requesting that the mayor, Gary Monahan, and Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer, council members Eric Bever, Wendy Leece and Steve Mensinger, postpone their decision to give slips to everyone for the time being. Think over and discuss this decision and find the right solution.

I am making this request because the situation is very bad and sad. Please do not make it worse, but try to make bad circumstances better. I'm writing this request from my experience as an ex-border security officer and a 1996 Atlanta Olympics security officer.

Surat Singh

Costa Mesa


Laguna skateboard ordinance is for the best

I want to thank the Laguna Beach City Council for governing on behalf of all Laguna residents at the most recent City Council meeting. I was proud to be part of a community that chooses to negotiate reasonable solutions, rather than wage a campaign of hate and propaganda.

I also think it was important for the kids to see that their authority figures consider their rights and opinions when legislating. To the citizens of Laguna Beach, I implore you to read and understand the facts of the skateboarding ordinance, and also be mindful that skateboarding is still legal in most parts of town.

Please let the Police Department do its job to enforce the regulations set forth by the City Council. The legacy of this contentious debate will not be stained with hyperbole and misinformation, rather it will be remembered as a time we worked as a community to achieve a mutually beneficial result.

Jennifer Gibbs

Laguna Beach

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