Sounding Off: Thanks for keeping beaches clean

My name is Willy Hogan. I am 14 years old and I am in eighth grade at Thurston Middle School. I would like to publicly thank the city of Laguna Beach for keeping our beaches clean and safe. I surf after school almost every day, and I notice no trash on the beach, and no one smoking on the beach.

During the heavy rainfalls throughout December, Laguna's beaches and sidewalks were covered with mud because of all of the rain's runoff and mudslides. The beach cleanup services quickly responded to such a mess.

Many citizens quickly helped clean up, including myself. My brother, who is a lifeguard in Laguna, and I went to Agate Street with shovels and cleaned the sidewalk path to the beach. It was great to see a whole community come together for the greater good.

Thank you very much.

WILLY HOGAN is a resident of Laguna Beach

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