Surfing Soapbox: Spring is a great time in Laguna

If summer is the main course meal here in Laguna Beach, then we can assume that spring is the ultimate appetizer.

It's seemingly just a walk-through, a warm-up of the beautiful weather that is ahead of us in the summer months.

However, there is one distinct difference. Especially after a winter of long-period rains.

Beyond the beauty of the sprawling green hills above Laguna, you can also see the snow-covered mountains.

To me, spring is the ultimate season to spend time in Laguna because you get the best of all the seasons in one.

That and the new daylight saving time beginning and what many consider the best sunsets of the year, it just keeps getting better.

Speaking of good things, I believe that our City Council did our town and our youth a great service Tuesday by not banning skateboarding.

Instead they found a compromise so that both sides win. That is the essence of a good win, a good council and a great community that cares. I believe by taking away our youth's freedoms, you only lead them down the wrong path. I don't think anyone wants that.

Back to our original programming: Why spring is so great in Laguna. I'll leave you with one last great detail.

You don't have to hassle with the hustle and bustle of the summer crowds in and out of the restaurants and more. Spring is here; go out and enjoy it.

JAMES PRIBRAM is a Laguna Beach native, professional surfer and John Kelly Environmental Award winner. His websites include AlohaSchoolofSurfing and ECOWarrior He can be reached at Jamo@Aloha

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