Mailbag: Airplanes flying too low over Newport

I live in Old CdM. Can anyone explain to me why, all of a sudden, we have airplanes taking off from John Wayne and flying right over us, starting every morning at 7?

It involves Fashion Island, too. Shopping there now involves something just short of aerial bombardment.

And Newport Beach Country Club is becoming unlivable; the jet noise at the Toshiba Senior Classic was deafening and greatly detracted from this otherwise terrific event.

So what's up? When did the flight pattern change? It seems we will never be able to sleep late again in Corona del Mar.

From the direction of the planes I see, it must be even worse in Harbor View Hills and Jasmine Creek. Are we stuck with this forever? Help!

Jennifer Keller

Corona del Mar

Decision on acting supt.'s pay

I, for one, am going to remember the school board names come next election ("School board boosts acting supt.'s pay," March 24).

Voting to continue to pay an exorbitant amount to a superintendent who cannot perform his duties for personal reasons. Increasing the salary of the acting superintendent by $5,260 per month for performing the job for which he was named "deputy superintendent" originally.

What is the purpose of giving a title of "vice" or "deputy" if that person will not, or cannot, perform the duty for which he was designated when the occasion arises?

T.B. Wood

Newport Beach

Your 'Reel Critics' are real

I'd like to express my thanks to the Daily Pilot for publishing its weekly reviews of movies. And thanks to Suzanne Perez and John Depko, too. With their astute take on the films they review, they have often facilitated my choice on what to see on Friday evenings.

Liz Swiertz Newman

Corona del Mar

Parking at our parks

Today's article quotes Keith Curry as saying, "There is no parking at Back Bay View Park." ("'Unobtrusive additions' guideline may affect statue placement," March 24). My intent here is not to debate whether Castaways Park, Back Bay View Park (BBVP) or indeed any Newport Beach park is the right location for statues. Rather, I want to comment on the parking at the parks.

First, there is on-street parking on the street next to the Dunes below assigned to BBVP, with signage. This parking is equidistant or closer in distance to any parking to the Marines memorial at Castaways Park.

Second, my recall from multiple conversations with Jan van der Sloot on this topic is that there are a number of parking spaces at the senior apartments next door available for parking at BBVP, per the original development agreement. Jan and I walked this area several times, and he indicated that there were 16 spaces. No signage has ever been placed.

Laura Curran

Newport Beach

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