Mailbag: 'Footloose' cast and crew are inspirational

Last weekend I took my daughters to see "Footloose" at the Artist's Theatre. What a wonderful show! Those high school students acted, sang, danced and changed sets and lighting like professionals. We were completely entertained. Bravo to our fantastically talented high school students. They make me proud of our schools. With such craft and confidence, I can see these kids soaring into a fantastic future with many opportunities.

And to our high school's wonderful drama program, kudos! Its commitment and superior standards are evident in every show. For the younger kids in the audience, these productions are inspirational. Well done.

Peggy Wolff

Laguna Beach


Sometimes the best solution is none

The recent debates over solutions to noise in a residential area abutting a commercial zone, and the skateboarding debate, remind me of an incident that occurred on the south end of Glenneyre Street about a decade ago.

For those not familiar, there are some rather sharp turns where a reasonable driver would slow to enable them to stay on their side of the street. But one night, two drunks failed miserably and ended up in one of the homes. After much hysteria and gnashing of the teeth, it was agreed that two ominous speed bumps would make the area safer.

Fast-forward to today, when residential parking is restricted for everyone in an area near a restaurant and regulations for skateboarders in Laguna are near adoption. I have no dog in either fight, but I do think that solutions should follow the path of "less is better and nothing is best."

Why you ask? How can I not be in favor of solutions to these local problems? Didn't the speed bumps solve the problem on Glenneyre?

Yes, you are right, for more than a decade no one has crashed into a home along Glenneyre, thanks to those speed bumps. I am reminded of that improvement every day when I have to put up with two totally unnecessary speed bumps. Almost makes you want to go crazy, but that would border on lacking common sense, something I think should be the order of the day for the two current anomalies.

Dennis Myers

Laguna Beach


Keep habitat safe — from your dog

Who could object to a dog being able to frolic and be carefree roaming in the natural open space? A dog off its leash chasing birds and critters. The dog is having a ball, and likely its owner has a big smile, and is blissful and happy.

So, who could object? Well, me. I object.

Laguna Beach is surrounded by 20,000 acres of natural open space. The idea is that this land is to be kept natural forever. This did not just happen, but was the work of many people starting with Jim Dilley who founded the Laguna Greenbelt in 1968.

The Laguna Canyon Conservancy was founded in 1988, and was the lead sponsor, along with the Laguna Greenbelt, Village Laguna, the city of Laguna Beach and the Chamber of Commerce, of The Walk in the Canyon in 1989. Almost 80% of us voted to raise our property taxes 6% in 1990, and the Laguna Canyon Foundation was formed.

I am on the Historical Society Board, and was recently looking at chamber brochures promoting Laguna Beach in the 1960s. The brochures included shell hunting and surf fishing. Times do change.

The rules of conduct in the open space include:

•Leave only footprints — don't take anything.

Do not feed, disturb, molest or kill wildlife.

Stay on trails.

Do not make new trails.

Where dogs are permitted, keep dogs on leash.

Even in nature, pick up, carry out and properly dispose of all dog excrement.

Why these rules, particularly when everybody is having so much fun? Because the wildlife will be threatened and be less likely to be in the open space. Wildlife will seek other habitats if dogs chase them. Even the dog's scent will be threatening.

Please follow the rules in the open space, and if you want your dog to run free, use the Bark Park on Laguna Canyon Road.

Gene Felder

Laguna Beach


Speedboarder lucky he was agile

Well, now it has happened to me! On the night of March 22 I was turning downhill onto Bluebird Canyon Drive when a speedboarder cut in front of me from my right, missing the front of my car by a few feet. No reflective clothing, no lights. Within a few seconds, a car turning uphill from Glenneyre Street missed him by inches. He was able to slalom out of harm's way — barely. The driver honked at him, which was met by "the bird" with both hands! I must admit, he had great style, agile. He missed by inches having his young life snuffed out — twice.

David Law

Laguna Beach

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