Sounding Off: Driver makes a bad move

About 6 p.m. Monday, a black Mercedes Benz with a dark tint pulled out of Bounty Way and proceeded onto Skyline Drive while two Thurston Middle School seventh-graders were skateboarding on Skyline. The driver intentionally tried to hit one of the downhill skateboarders with his car, according to the other child. The first boy was able to maneuver out of his way just in time. The other one chased after the car, trying to get a look at the driver, but the car then intentionally veered into him. Thankfully, he was not gravely harmed. The driver sped off.

One of the skateboarders is an honor roll student. The other is the national champion in downhill skateboarding. These are not reckless kids who were not paying attention. These were two minors who have a lot to lose by being derelict.

They were enjoying their favorite pastime, on a hill that is not banned. They were behaving in a respectful and thoughtful way. They were not looking for trouble, but trouble found them.

Is the driver possibly a member of Speedboarders Neighborhood Action Group? Someone who doesn't agree with our City Council's recent decision on banning streets here in Laguna? Someone who decided to be the law themselves? Someone who maybe thought, "I'll teach those kids a lesson!" We will never know because the coward drove off.

The driver should be ashamed. We don't know yet who you are, but we are on our way to figuring it out. When we do, full legal charges will be pursued!

What a fine example of humanity you set for two stellar community teenagers!

KIMBERLY O'BRIEN is a Laguna Beach resident.

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