Mailbag: Clergy wrong about Planned Parenthood

The bold headline from the April 1 Mailbag was as startling as it was disturbing ("Area Clergy Back Planned Parenthood"). I have read with interest the occasional views expressed by some of these clergy in the Daily Pilot's faith columns, but this jointly written letter praising the noble services of Planned Parenthood reflects an outrageous lack of knowledge about Planned Parenthood and its "quality services."

First, let's be clear that Planned Parenthood is a rich organization in its own right and does not need government funds. It does not need the $360 million in taxpayer money it receives annually to underwrite its lucrative operations. According to its most current published annual report, Planned Parenthood has nearly $1 billion in net assets, which is only the tip of the iceberg.

Where do their profits come from? They come from abortions. According to their own annual report, abortions account for 98% of the health-care services they provide to their clients. Increased government funding has only begotten increased numbers of abortions in their clinics.

Is this the kind of "vital health care" that the clergy are referring to in their letter? Be assured, primary care is not on the Planned Parenthood agenda. At last report, it provided primary care to about 19,700 of its 3 million clients.

Woman seeking affordable health care, STI testing or cancer screening have many viable options in this country through federally qualified health centers, as well as through authentically concerned and generous doctors and clinics throughout the country. Here in Orange County, Birth Choice Health Clinics, founded and fueled by the goodness of Kathleen Eaton, provide comprehensive testing and screening as well as compassionate intelligent counseling for women in compromised situations.

Planned Parenthood has deceived many otherwise smart and concerned modern Americans who feel that in defending the abortion epidemic they are defending a woman's right to health care. But, in truth, when stripped of its socially progressive wrapping, abortion is a degrading and disgusting practice that violates the very core of individual freedom. It may be legal, but it does not deserve American tax dollars.

Peggy Normandin

Costa Mesa


Balboa beating

Re.: "Man arraigned on hate-crime charges" (March 29): Yelling racial remarks is a matter of freedom of speech, which the offended party has civil recourse for any real or perceived harm to one's personal or social reputation. Intoxicated equals a drunk in public charge. Punching two men equals simple assault and battery. Being biased is not any kind or form of crime. The Constitution was written specifically to protect such speech and to forbid such subjective punishment. If not, we would all be in jail, including the district attorney, judge, lawyers and guards.

August Lightfoot

Newport Beach

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