Mailbag: Put skateboarders on a leash

Regarding "School is going to the dogs" (Mailbag, March 31): If you think people are ignoring the "no dogs" signs at Dwyer Middle School, how about the "no skateboarding on school property" sign Dwyer has posted at its skateboard park, a.k.a. the amphitheater?

While there was a time when school administrators actually tried to enforce the skating ban, they have since completely given up on that responsibility and now allow skaters unrestricted use of their facilities. And why shouldn't they? After all, it's not the school's administrators who have to hear the relentless noise of slamming, scraping, screeching skateboards late at night. That's only a problem for the school's neighbors.

However, when the inevitable happens and someone is seriously injured at Dwyer, the school district will feel the financial sting of that liability lawsuit for years to come. Until then, the signs at Dwyer are just an ironic joke and not meant to be taken seriously.

Chris Borg

Huntington Beach


Columnist needs to rethink strategy

I sincerely hope that after the presentation at the library regarding the Bolsa Chica Land Trust's "CPR for the Mesa" plans, there will be no more inflammatory rhetoric coming from Lou Murray. Now is the time for all suggestions and complaints to be directed to the Department of Fish and Game, not to every single reader of the Independent as done in the past. It is a matter of fairness. No one except Murray has the bully pulpit of the newspaper at their disposal every week, for column after column of her extraordinary discourse.

Murray had the same opportunity as everyone else at the Land Trust meeting, and she chose to wait until the very end of the meeting, of course, to be the very last speaker, forcefully taking control of the room from the moderator of the evening, who had done a yeoman's job of moving quickly from one person to another throughout the question-and-answer period. Her tone and demeanor were deliberately and needlessly aggressive. In my opinion, it reflected more on her than it did on the inquiry/answer tone that transpired during the evening. DFG is where Murray's ire now needs to be directed.

Merle Moshiri

Huntington Beach


Time for groups to come together

We have known Vic Leipzig and Lou Murray personally as well as through their weekly column in the Independent. Even when we disagreed with positions, we have been impressed by their scholarly and in-depth approach to environmental situations.

We suggest that the various factions learn together how best to restore our dwindling natural resources.

Allan and Marylou Kennedy

Huntington Beach

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