Mailbag: Mercedes driver may act again

This is in response to a letter to the editor written by a Manfred E. Wolff (Mailbag: Skateboarding debate goes downhill, April 7), who responded to my letter, ("Sounding Off: Driver makes a bad move, March 31) in the Coastline Pilot.

A police report was made the Friday after the incident. Go to the Police Department and ask to speak to someone regarding it. The reason it was not reported on the night of the incident is because the two seventh-graders mistakenly thought that because they did not get the plate number, what was there to report?

They were made to understand that for the safety of other kids in the community, a record of the incident had to be filed. Whoever the horrendous person was who committed the crime will no doubt try it again!

My assertion that perhaps this aggressive and violent person may be a member of Speedboarders Neighborhood Action Group, or SNAG, was a guess. We don't know because the coward drove off without checking to see if the minor he or she hit was injured and to what degree.

Considering that SNAG has vilified and condemned the skateboarder kids for many months now, it wasn't a big leap on my part to assume that the person behind the wheel that night was perhaps a member, "perhaps" being the operative word.

If the driver is not, the driver clearly subscribes to the same don't-share-the-road mentality of SNAG members, which is a darn shame. This mentality gave the driver a sense of entitlement; he or she felt it was OK to assert power with an automobile over two seventh-graders.

I find it most interesting that your focus of my letter to the editor was not on the atrocity of the action of this driver, but instead the mention of SNAG. I see you have your priorities in check!

Kimberly O'Brien-Young

Laguna Beach

Clean up Broadway and Coast Highway

On Dec. 22 Laguna Beach suffered a terrible flood that devastated residents and downtown business owners. But here we are in early April, going on four months later, and the intersection of Broadway and Coast Highway still looms with caution tape and barriers.

Part of the boardwalk remains closed, there is still lots of debris beyond the roped-off area, along with grass and wildflowers starting to bloom. Really? Wildflowers?

When is this mess going to be cleaned up, and the boardwalk repaired, so we can make Laguna beautiful again?

Will Wright

Laguna Beach

Planned Parenthood provides vital services

Re: Peggy Normandie's letter of April 8 ("View opposing Planned Parenthood funding"): Normandie's letter falsely asserts that abortion is 98% of Planned Parenthood services. Well, not even close. The real number is 3%.

And, if one is against abortion, then why wouldn't you want Planned Parenthood to continue offering its contraception services so abortions are avoided? In any case, per current federal law, no abortions are funded with taxpayer money.

That's fair enough. But let's also remember that abortion is legal.

Planned Parenthood is under assault with a campaign of lies and untruths. The truth is that they are the main and only health service that many poor women will ever see, and the health services and cancer screenings they receive are vital. Contraceptives prevent unwanted pregnancies and therefore abortions.

I don't mind people expressing their opinion. I just want them to tell the truth while they are doing it. Check your facts, Normandie.

Anne Earhart

Laguna Beach

Royal Hawaiian still 'delicious'

My husband and I have lived in Laguna beach for 25-plus years. We are complete food junkies, always trying new places in town, and always trying to find the best of everything.

However, yesterday we got invited to a poke festival and competition. So we traveled to Huntington Beach with our friends. Such a great time!

It was there that I had the most amazing ahi poke in my entire life. Fifteen chefs competed for the best. The one who came in second was the one I absolutely loved. I was in heaven!

I was told the chef is from the Royal Hawaiian in my hometown of Laguna Beach. This made me so happy!

So, needless to say, we just had to go see this chef and have more of his delicious food. Tonight we visited the Royal Hawaiian and left with the biggest smiles on our faces.

This very well-known establishment is back to where it was 25 years ago, when we came as newlyweds! I was so pleased I just had to come right home and blog about it.

Bella Dean

Laguna Beach

Fatal crash victim remembered

Re: "Police pursuit ends in fatal accident at Broadway," March 31: Benjamin Davis, who died in the crash, was a beautiful person, inside and out. I thought he was the best.

Yes, he had a past. Who cares? It was in the past. Everyone makes mistakes.

He was a loyal friend. I think about him every day, and miss him terribly. He's in my every thought. I love you and miss you, Ben.

Tina Hernandez


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