Mailbag: Puppy should not be auctioned off

I cannot imagine in this day and age that Russo's Pet Experience in Fashion Island would think it is OK to have a live puppy to be auctioned off at a fundraiser.

This is happening in Costa Mesa for Costa Mesa's Grad Night auction this Saturday. This is misguided at best and promotes the idea that pets are just items — what a statement!

If they want to be good guardians for pets, why not donate $1,000 or a gift card? Then someone can spend it at the store and pick out a pet, pet supplies — maybe even pet food — to donate to a pet food bank for folks not being able to feed their animals.

Come on, folks. Let's get real. We are killing thousands of dogs and pups every day — many of them purebred animals —and now anyone can bid on a puppy. This is like a carnival. Don't do it, Russo's.

Helen Evers

Costa Mesa


Public safety should be No. 1 concern

We have always taken kids and grandkids to Newport Beach because of its great safety record and support for beachgoers. Who in the world thought up the idea that less coverage and fewer lifeguards is better? (Re: "Staffing levels may be reduced," April 19)

Did the city really think this through? Public safety is one if the primary functions of local government. Cutting waste in government shouldn't start with our beaches and streets. Keep our guards! Keep the beaches safe for our children!

Sue M. Moore

Canyon Lake


Need to open El Toro airport

The only way to stop John Wayne Airport overflights over Corona del Mar is to open El Toro International Airport. This places a circle of controlled airspace around El Toro as existed when the Marines used it, and Corona del Mar was an idyllic, quiet place. JWA's departure points south, but airplanes want to go east for efficiency.

The alternative to opening El Toro is that JWA airplanes will cut the corner sooner and sooner until, finally, they will miss Newport Beach altogether. Then they will be pointed at Irvine's Turtle Rock instead of Newport's Balboa Island.

Wake up and smell the coffee, Corona del Mar. Things can get better after they get worse.

Donald Nyre

Newport Beach


Airplane noise is worse than ever

Those airplanes have never been louder or lower!

They don't go anywhere near Catalina before turning back toward land. Why are residents at the mercy of JWA? What do you think is going to happen when they open the new terminal?

Kathy Chaix

Corona del Mar

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