Mailbag: Why not have columns for other parts of Newport?

We have many friends who live in the Corona del Mar area of Newport Beach, and we are frequently in the area, but I think it's a bit divisive for the Daily Pilot to have a column (Corona del Mar Today) that focuses only on this area of our town and not provide similar coverage to other geographic areas of the community, such as Balboa Island, Mariner's Mile, Balboa, West Newport, Newport Coast, etc.

Why not have your writer educate herself on the other villages of our community, or create a column that provides more balanced news coverage for all the villages of Newport Beach?

Ron Hendrickson

Newport Beach


Concealed weapon law inappropriate

The Daily Pilot's coverage of Assemblyman Allan Mansoor's bill to allow concealed weapons in the Capitol confirmed everything I had previously understood about the assembly member. His staff member is quoted as saying that "he's always carried a concealed weapon. To him it's kind of a no-brainer."

Nothing I can say could add to that statement.

Note to Allan Mansoor: It's 2011. Please join us.

Thomas J. Peterson

Newport Beach


Lifeguard pensions tied to high salaries

I recently read an article on the Internet by David Spady about Newport Beach lifeguards. He reported that a 51-year-old Newport Beach lifeguard retired with a pension of $108,000 a year. By the time he is 80, he will have received $3 million. That one lifeguard's annual salary was worth more than $120,000 a year.

Funny! As the supposed local paper for Newport Beach, you have yet to bring up this subject of high salaries for those employed by the city of Newport Beach.

Jack DeLuca

Newport Beach


Dog safety starts with spaying

National Dog Bite Prevention Week is May 15-21, and in light of California ranking first in dog bite claims with State Farm, please allow me to share these dog bite prevention tips:

•Always spay or neuter. Unaltered dogs tend to be more territorial and more aggressive, which makes them three times more likely to bite.

•Never chain or cage dogs. Lack of socialization and inability to escape perceived threats make chained dogs nearly three times more likely to attack than dogs that are not tethered.

•Report cruelty to animals immediately. Dogfighters and people using dogs as "guard dogs" often beat, starve and taunt dogs, which can make them aggressive.

•Never leave animals and children unattended together. Both can be unpredictable, and even the most docile dog may bite if a child pulls the animal's tail or startles the dog awake.

•Treat dogs as part of the family — it's the best way to have a safe, friendly and well-adjusted canine companion.

Lindsay Pollard-Post

Norfolk, Va.

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