Community Commentary: Misinformation about animal shelter

You published a letter from Lynn Beasley who writes as if only she knows the facts about the Orange County Humane Society on Newland Street in Huntington Beach ("Concerns about H.B.'s animal shelter," May 12). Let me be very clear, I do not have any ax to grind with the person, only her misinformation.

Her letter centers on a $7,000 monthly payment that goes to the shelter. Her statement is that it goes to Dr. Samir Botros. How far from truth are her facts? This fee, whatever it is, goes to the shelter. In addition, AAA Animal Hospital, owned by Dr. Botros, donates close to $100,000 per year to the shelter. How much do you donate, Lynn?

Another of her points is that the shelter may become overcrowded. While her feelings are fair, her facts are false. Not once in her letter did she address all the cages in the rear of the shelter that those who visit the shelter do not see. Those cages can hold a lot more animals, which will help with the additional strays.

She continues that the shelter is not part of the "real Humane Society of the U.S., nor does it adhere to its guidelines." Her concerns should be for the ethical treatment and care for shelter animals, and this location provides that. This facility is mostly a no-kill shelter. However, there are exceptions to that rule:

1. Over-aggressive animals that, after evaluation, cannot be rehabilitated and adopted out.

2. Animals that are ill and cannot recover.

Both of these issues are acceptable to the Humane Society and should be for this facility as well. If she is so concerned about the treatment of shelter animals, she should take her message to the Orange County animal shelter, which is highly overcrowded and carries a much higher kill rate.

Finally, it is interesting that an individual can write letters like this and castigate a good man like Dr. Botros and his staff without presenting the facts. I suggest she take that same amount of time and volunteer at the shelter and help rather than be critical.

Words are cheap; actions speak volumes.

MICHAEL THOMAS is a Huntington Beach resident.

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