Mailbag: Name press box for Roger Carlson

As the longtime former publisher of the Daily Pilot, I would offer my full support of the naming of the press box at Davidson Field at Newport Harbor High School for former Sports Editor Roger Carlson. Roger was tireless in his commitment to reporting on the Newport-Mesa athletic achievements of our children. I would add that I am certain that those who worked with him and for him would fully agree. He truly was one of a kind.

Tom Johnson

Newport Beach


Finally, an associate's degree!

I want to offer my congratulations to Maria Saldana ("It's been a 17-year educational journey for Maria Saldana," May 25). Her story was remarkable in that it can be very hard to remain focused and have the tenacity and perseverance to accomplish your goals under any circumstances, but especially difficult when you don't have "cheerleaders" in your family circle on your side, supporting your efforts. I hope she enjoys every good feeling her accomplishment brings and that her family celebrates and honors her strength.

Liz McCormack

Costa Mesa


JWA noise in CdM

Regarding the people fighting John Wayne Airport noise: Don't worry, you will get use to it after 40 years. By the way, where were you when we tried to get the "noise" moved to El Toro? Oh, perhaps you were sleeping? Thanks for your support.

Linda Isle

Newport Beach


Marine base sale could reduce debt

Did you know the U.S. will reach its borrowing limit this year of a default of a record $1.5 trillion? Some politicians suggest that reducing the spending of the military is one way [to reduce the debt]. The government could sell the pristine land now used by Camp Pendleton, located between San Onofre and Oceanside. Many builders would be anxious to buy some of the ocean view land. In a few years the money from the sale would reduce the U.S. debt substantially. Move the Marines to other existing military locations in California, Arizona and other states.

Ross Wankier

Laguna Beach


Patronize OCC recycling center

Re: the closure of Garcia Recycling: Don't lose hope! Try the Orange Coast College recycling center on Adams Avenue. It is a quick drive in and out. Get cash or donate the funds to the college. It is even open on Mondays.

Ron Yeo

Corona del Mar


Baptism undone 80-plus years later

I was born 83 years ago. Sixty-six days later I was dunked, kicking and screaming, into a baptismal font. I was not mature enough to understand or condone being baptized, but it happened anyway. Is that child (baby) abuse? Why couldn't it have waited until I reached the age of understanding and consent?

Recently I learned that the Freedom From Religion Foundation ( offers a DeBaptismal Certificate, and I secured one and knowingly consented to sign it. Now I am officially "debaptised."

Niko Theris

Laguna Beach

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