Mailbag: JWA has been here for 50 years, and will still be here for 50 more

The recent half-page ad in the Daily Pilot against the John Wayne Airport by Kay Rackauckas contains a misleading statement. I am a captain for American Airlines and have been flying our various aircraft out of Orange County/SNA since 1997, and am currently doing so on the 737. The flight path has remained the same for the last 14 years: take off on the runway heading, then shortly make a turn to the left to fly down the Back Bay.

The only thing that has changed is that now the procedure is based on GPS and/or inertial guidance (RNAV) rather than relying on ILS/VOR ground-based guidance. Ironically, for people such as Kay, who see things as getting worse, this has only improved the procedure, as it is more accurate and easier to fly properly. The airplanes we now use are also far quieter than the older generation of only a few years ago.

While many residents of Newport Beach use and enjoy the benefits of our "neighborhood airport," there are always some who complain about the noise and cause the city to be officially against the airport, though my guess is that most of the city officials also fly in and out of John Wayne when they can. We had a chance to have a bigger and better airport in Orange County at El Toro, but the politicians finally got their way, and so the runways still sit there intact and unused.

You can continue to fight it, but Orange County has been our commercial airport for 50 years, and it will probably be around for at least 50 more, so you might as well learn to live with it.

Eric Schultz

Newport Beach


Roger Carlson honor

As a former Daily Pilot sportswriter before Roger Carlson came on, I admired his perseverance and professionalism through his many years. He truly is the Grantland Rice or Vin Scully of Harbor-area sports and should have his name on the press box (or a statue).

Bob Brogger

Newport Beach


Police staffing reductions

The cuts that the Costa Mesa City Council are considering are unprecedented in their scope and depth. The community should know the implications of these actions.

Clay G. Epperson

Costa Mesa


Save money on tree trimming

My morning walk today in Wimbledon Park was rudely interrupted when a horde of tree trimmers descended on the park! The Costa Mesa budget can be trimmed by trimming the tree trimmers out of it! They pay no attention to bird nests, take away needed shade for our cars and create a horrendous noise as they go about their business of trimming trees. Who trims the trees in a forest?

I see no need to trim trees in Costa Mesa. I'm sure there are others who agree with me. A recent article in the paper tells of injured and dead birds found in their wake. I saw no licensed arborist present, but I could not tell as they were all dressed alike.

Tell the responsible councilman to scratch trimmers from the budget, thereby prolonging the presence of an extra police officer or fireman in our fair city.

Larry Tracy

Costa Mesa

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