The Harbor Report: A busy time for Newport Harbor [CORRECTED]

There was a tremendous amount of activity in the harbor this week, so let's get started.

While attending Wednesday's Harbor Commission meeting, I was saddened to learn that Don Lawrenz has termed out as a harbor commissioner. Known as the "smart guy with long words," Lawrenz understands water quality issues and how to best protect our harbor.

From my seat in the Council Chambers, it was obvious that Don has a passion for boating and was more than willing to volunteer and make a difference within our harbor. While the commissioners said their goodbyes City Councilwoman and Harbor Commission liaison Nancy Gardner informed the group that Lawrenz has been appointed to the Tidelands Management Committee, which is good news.

A little later in the meeting, it was mentioned that Brad Avery was on the short list to fill Commissioner Lawrenz's seat. I have known Brad for a long time, and I cannot think of anyone more qualified to fill Don's shoes than Brad Avery.

Harbor Resource Manager Chris Miller has been working extremely hard at the task of dredging the Rhine Channel. You should start to notice the dredging equipment arriving in town just after the Fourth of July weekend. Dredging will start Aug. 1.

Please understand that the only time the city can dispose of this toxic sediment to put it to use in the Long Beach project is in August.

Without Long Beach there would be no Rhine Channel dredging at this time. I have a request for my readers: If you have an empty dock, please call Chris Miller at (949) 644-3034 [Corrected: the phone number]. Chris might be able to put you in contact with some of the boat owners that will be looking for temporary space, while the dredging is going on in the channel.

At Wednesday's meeting, John McCullough gave a presentation about the proper disposal and recycling of discarded fishing lines. For more information on this topic, look up the BoatU.S. Foundation's "Monofilament Recycling Program" and watch the video. John is trying to improve our harbor, so please take a look!

I am sure you all remember that Balboa Yacht Club's Club Championships will be sailed Friday in Andrews 21s. Please come down to BYC and watch our Masters and Family Club Championships from the main dock.

The Masters starts at 2 p.m. and the Family Club at 6 p.m. I am chairing this event and plan to emcee the event from the race tower, with a cannon going off for the winner of each race and people cheering on their favorite teams. So if you are wondering what all the noise is about, please come on down and join us.

While at the club, please take some time to inspect the new Beneteau First 30. Let me if you would like to go out for a test sail next week with us.

This Saturday is Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club's Angelman Series No. 1, which is a part of the Newport High-Point Series. The scoring is very close, with the Pussy Cat holding a slim lead over the Adios.

It's still anyone's race, and if the Amante, Dare, Lickity Split and Pendragon show up on the starting line this Saturday, we could have a new leader for Newport Harbor's best PHRF boat.

Becky Lenhart, BYC's sailing administrator and one of my favorite people in the harbor, wanted me to report that the communication between the different clubs and the charter fleet has never been better.

"The charter fleet is going the extra mile in making their intentions clear, and we are reciprocating by doing our best to contact them," Becky told me.

Everyone should also mark their calendars for the annual coordination meeting between charter fleet and the yacht clubs for noon on June 21 at the Council Chambers, 3300 Newport Blvd.

Sea ya!

LEN BOSE is an experienced boater, yacht broker and boating columnist.

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