Mailbag: Council should meet opponents halfway

I believe that Martin Millard's commentary ("Community Commentary: 'New Council' bringing about necessary change," June 25) on the wonderful achievements of Costa Mesa's majority City Council members falls disastrously short. He appears to care greatly about Costa Mesa but neglected to mention the damage being done to our wonderful city right here, right now.

I understand we need change, and I'm even willing to believe that the new council members have some great ideas to get us where we need to go.

Anyone can come up with good ideas on how to fix things. The really hard part is actually bringing them to fruition. People do not usually jump off buildings and abandon their employment in great cities doing the right things the right way.

And labeling these people as the ones who "don't like change" comes from people who must only know this from experiencing it themselves, as I believe we all have.

Change is difficult, and the mayor and his buds would be much more successful by working a great deal harder to connect with all those in our city, even those who "don't like change." Until then, I'm afraid it will all be a battle.

As stated by Henry Boye, "The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people half way."

Darren Gordon

Costa Mesa


All part of Righeimer's plan

So Mayor Pro Tem "Big Jim" Righeimer wants to restructure the Police Department and return them to 8-5 shifts. I'm sure this idea has nothing to do with the campaigning before the election. And it will save billions of dollars for the city and boost his image for a higher office (think Assemblyman Allan Mansoor).

How business-like!

Jack Perkins

Costa Mesa

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