Mailbag: Drugs are a national problem

Regarding the article by Mona Shadia on the issue of the alleged sale of cocaine at Killarney Pub & Grill and the sale of that substance generally in Huntington Beach ("Pair pleads not guilty to selling cocaine," July 7), I wish Mayor Joe Carchio the best of luck. I do hope downtown businesses will assist the city in alleviating the problem.

The problem, of course, is not solved by the tinkering of politicians but by addressing the issue systemically. Drugs are a national problem because the nation has abandoned its ethical, moral and religious roots. It has become deconstructed. No sustainable ethos has supplanted the one the Baby Boomer generation succeeded in burying. It is now paying for its sins.

Michael Zurowski

Montreal, Canada


Fig was essential part of breakfast

I believe that Andrea Hanst got it right in the Community Commentary ("We need 'Rockin' Fig' back for local coverage," July 7). Fig was a highlight of Thursday morning readings for me and my wife.

Joe Schuck

Huntington Beach

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