Mailbag: 'Little government is good, none is better'

It is a warm Saturday morning, and I am coming down Placentia Avenue, when, lo and behold, a huge sign probably costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars bellows out something of this sort: "We are using your tax dollars wisely by preserving this park."

Let us start with this observation: I have yet to see a lazy government employee use any tax money wisely. Now let me tell you about the beautiful natural park that existed before the so-called servants who spend our hard-earned money wisely began rolling out their heavy equipment that cost all of us thousands, actually desecrating this park that actually was the reason some bought homes in that area.

That park was one of the most beautiful natural parks in California. The place teamed with wild animals, kids biking, people flying planes and others just strolling.

Then along comes the do-gooder "servants" who forbade the kids playing, the kite flying, the coyotes feasting on the rabbits. And then they begun to turn it into a mockery of any normal park. The disgusting eyesore that sits there today with orange fences, heavy equipment and trash is typical of our city government.

Thank God, we are all in for a big awakening, and we will come to the conclusion that "little government is good, none is better."

We will all take our turn in our community keeping up the parks and our businesses and to hell with City Hall, City Council and all the rest of the bench warmers taking money like blood suckers. Your doom is crashing down upon your heads as our economy crashes along with the world as we know it.

Marie Kolasinski

The Piecemakers

Costa Mesa


'Exceptionalism' is his

Re. "Community Commentary: 'American exceptionalism' will prevail," Chriss Street, July 4: Though I'm grayed around the temples and slower in my step, I still believe in Lance exceptionalism.

Examine the record. Lance exceptionalism catapulted me from the mean streets of Woodland Hills to this shining city on a mesa, all within the space of 64 years. I went from washing cars to sitting at a desk — an exceptional feat, by any measure.

Yes, I could use a nip and tuck. Yes, I'm a candidate for hair plugs. But I still have that old exceptional gleam in my eye. I just need to squint a little more to see it.

Lance Jencks

Costa Mesa

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