Mailbag: Plastic bags need to go

As a resident of Huntington Beach for more than 25 years, and a daily commuter on Pacific Coast Highway both north and southbound, I am appalled at the trash (especially plastic bags!) that accumulates along the entire span of Pacific Coast Highway through H.B., but predominantly the stretch between Beach Boulevard and the Santa Ana River Jetties, and also Bolsa Chica State Beach. It is obvious that plastic bags need to be banned in Huntington Beach, but especially at the state beaches, where thousands of people come every day for a day of fun and campfires at night, bringing everything in plastic bags that end up along the highway.

I've seen the road crews picking up trash in the morning, only to have it all back by the afternoon. Something really needs to be done about the amount of trash we see along our beautiful coastline. Every year, I make a point to take the day after the Fourth of July off from work, just to pick up the trash left behind by all of the holiday "fun seekers." Unfortunately, it is a daily problem.

Jill Moore

Huntington Beach


Old memories of dinosaur bones

Chris Epting, thanks for updating us all on what's happening in that little plot of ground that surrounds the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Exposition Park ("Museum gets down to the bones," In the Pipeline, July 14). My romance with the park goes back to when I was a kid and we played "soldier" in the park during World War II when the National Guard dug trenches there for war games. Afterward, we would wander over to the Natural History Museum and look with childlike wonder at the artifacts and prehistoric animals.

Then, there were no Luis Chiappes or Doug Goodreaus around to spike our young imaginations as they have your son, Charlie's. Thanks to your column, I've been reminded of how this museum has come of age. It's now on my list of places to visit soon.

Richard Reinbolt

Huntington Beach

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