Mailbag: Don't leave elections up to Madison Avenue

In his initial years as president, Barack Obama was quick to blame all of our failures on George Bush. But after three years in office, he takes none of the credit/blame for our financial woes, high unemployment, low wages and our involvement — not in one — but four costly wars.

The president rushed to the TV cameras to take credit for his giving the order to the Navy SEALs to take out Osama bin Laden. However, there was no rush to the TV studios to take any blame/credit for the death of 30 Navy SEALs. This other side of the agony of war received relatively little coverage by Obama or the press.

We hoped to elect a Superman but instead got someone who is slick and shallow with a suit, swagger and speech. The electorate needs to do a better job in studying all the candidates before the elections and not leave this important function to Madison Avenue.

Michael Arnold Glueck

Newport Beach


Stop bashing public employees

It's ironic that Terry Johnston releases another rambling screed against unions the same week that a 17-year-old Virginian saw fit to thank the professional actions of the Newport Beach Fire Department for saving his life — you know, those evil, greedy union members who put their own lives on the line every day to serve and protect all of us ("Labor Woes Not Akin to Slavery," Mailbag, Aug. 12).

It's bad enough that Johnston and his ilk put forth the canard of the $200,000-a-year lifeguard who reminds one of the mythical Cadillac-driving welfare queen. But I'll bet Johnston enjoys his weekends and holidays, along with a 40-hour workweek, like most people.

What happened, Terry? Did a Teamster kick sand in your face at the beach?

Maybe this Labor Day, Johnston will reflect on how those benefits that people take for granted were collectively bargained, not willingly given.

David Perez

Garden Grove

Cutting taxes not the answer

The solution to the budget impasse in Washington is to raise taxes on wealthy Americans. The Republican stance that it will hurt employment is hogwash. Businesses don't hire employees, nor do wealthy Americans hire more help because their taxes are lower. They hire employees only when there is demand for additional help. If taxes are involved, that cost is passed on in the form of higher prices for the commodity. I know this because for 26 years, I ran my own small business. I never hired an employee because my taxes were lower!

The Republican position is asinine. Do not vote for any Republicans in 2012. They are all idiots!

Dave Carleen

Huntington Beach

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