Mailbag: Tolerance belongs on left, right

In response to the inflamed readers who were vexed by the article regarding Stephen K. Bannon's Sarah Palin documentary ("Director focuses on the power of Palin," Aug. 12): Last time I checked, tolerance is a two-way street.

But for the left, it seems that tolerance is more clearly defined as accepting their way of thinking and keeping one's opinions to oneself if one does not agree.

The readers who made such a fuss about the article should really get out more. Do they not read and hear every day how the mainstream media loves to malign Palin for getting out of bed each morning?

It's unfortunate that just because some narrow-minded readers don't agree with Palin's views, they have to complain to the paper for covering a story about a local who made a political documentary. Where is that open-minded spirit to which liberals lay claim?

Surely no one would complain if it were another Al Gore documentary. But then again, that's tolerance when you bat for the left.

Amy Kramer

Laguna Beach

Newport mayor should resign

Re. "Henn votes on Lido, despite financial ties" (Aug. 13): I was shocked to read that our mayor, Mike Henn, is receiving $100,000 a year in consulting fees from the owner of Via Lido Drugs. Mayor Henn should resign and leave his position for someone who is capable of doing the job without ties to special interests.

Donald Graham

Newport Beach

Don't mix business, politics

When residents or council members suggested they slow down or focus on other struggling parts of town, Henn insisted that Lido Village remain the top priority. It is more clear who the mayor actually represents.

"It's good for all the residents of Newport Beach," Mayor Henn said.

What the mayor means is, "It's good for me and my business associates, current and former."

August Lightfoot

Newport Beach

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