Mailbag: Avalon parking permits not enforced

I would like the mayor of Costa Mesa to read this letter.

I am a resident of the 2200 block of Avalon Street. About two months ago, we worked to get our block permit parking for residents only due to vehicles that belong to residents outside of our block constantly using our street to park.

After a few months of petitions, going door-to-door and getting signatures from frustrated residents of this neighborhood, we finally got permitted.

Well, lo and behold, two days after the signs went up announcing that this was a permit-parking-only street, someone wrote an expletive on the sign.

Since the signs went up, the vehicles all around the larger apartment buildings that surround our block continue to park on our street as if this permit parking does not apply to them. Several neighbors, as well as myself, have called to find out if anyone ever comes around to patrol or to contact them that we have cars parked without stickers.

This leaves the residents of our block to play musical cars among the people who live in these homes because the street parking is being used and taken up by the residents of the large apartment building that surround us!

To our surprise, no one ever shows up to enforce the parking permits! If the city is in such hardship financially, laying off people working for Costa Mesa, I know of four different occasions the city could have generated revenue multiple times.

Felix Mosansky

Costa Mesa


Name announcer's booth for O'Hern

Congratulations to former Daily Pilot Sports Editor Roger Carlson for having the press box at Davidson Field named after him ("Board OKs naming Harbor's press box after Carlson," July 1). He certainly earned that honor.

I now have a simple request that the announcer's booth, which is inside the press box, be named the Dennis O'Hern Announcers Booth.

O'Hern has been the announcer for Newport Harbor High School football games for 45 years. He started as a teacher at the school in 1965 and has earned the honor of being named Teacher of the Year. The faculty, the students and the fans love the job he has been doing as the Sailors' football announcer.

On several occasions, I have helped O'Hern as a spotter in his booth, and everybody appreciates the work he is doing. Before the games, he makes sure he is pronouncing the players' names correctly. He finds out who the referees are and announces their names during the game. He makes announcements for the school at half time. He does all this as a volunteer.

Because he has been "the voice of the Tars" for 45 years, and doing it extremely well, I think it is only right that the small booth inside of the Roger Carlson Press Box be called the Dennis O'Hern Announcers Booth.

Wayne Graveline

Newport Beach

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