Mailbag: There's nothing wrong with a secular state

Re. "Mesa Musings: There's something missing in Denmark — God," (Jim Carnett column, Oct. 3): In his column, Jim Carnett makes an implicit connection between the absence of God in Denmark and rising social ills in that country. Correlating religiosity with societal health is, of course, simplistic because there may be other factors involved.

With that in mind, contrary to Jim's sanctimonious observations, it is a well-known fact that the Scandinavian countries, while being the least religious in the world, also enjoy the lowest criminality.

A quick search of the Internet reveals that the highly religious United States has a 5 times greater homicide rate than Denmark (4.4 vs 0.85 per 100,000). In fact, the same pattern exists within this country where the more-religious South exhibits higher levels of crime. The conclusion is inescapable: Religious fantasies, like any other delusion, are a drag on human society as they have been for centuries.

Mark M. Bridle

Newport Beach


Thanks to the moms

Re. "Apodaca: If Newport-Mesa PTA moms ran the world…," (Patrice Apodaca column, Oct. 1): Wow, moms get a public thank you in the newspaper. Refreshing and most appreciated! Well, thank you, too, Ms. Apodaca.

Liz McNabb

Costa Mesa


Reagan statue OK

Re. "Do not honor 40th president," (Mailbag, Oct. 3): I am a Budapest-born Democrat who did not vote for President Reagan. In my opinion, any U.S. president deserves to be honored with a statue, and what better place for Mr. Reagan than Newport Beach? I really think his statue deserves to be in front of our new City Hall. One thing we should remember is that President Reagan, along with help from Pope John, Lech Walesa and others, was instrumental in bringing down the Iron Curtain.

I fail to see any relevance in Mr. Doremus' suggestion that Budapest becomes our sister city. They are quite different! But I'm sure Budapest would consider an adoption.

Eniko Matskassy Cowles

Newport Beach


Where are the jobs?

Jobs, jobs, jobs. That's what the Republicans promised this nation in the midterms. Guess what? Not only they have not introduced any bills that create jobs, they are now saying they are not even going to put the president's American Job Act proposal up for vote! Why? If they have any valid arguments against the proposal, let's hear it, let's discuss it, let's make it better. But refusing to even consider it is an obvious tactic against this country and its citizens. As simple as that. Vote for the American Jobs Act and pass it now!

Violet Larsen

Newport Beach

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