Mailbag: Church should stay out of Reagan flap

As a fellow citizen, I respect Msgr. Wilbur Davis' right to his opinion and exercise of free speech in his misguided opinion regarding the recently damaged statue of Ronald Reagan in the Bonita Canyon Sports Park ("Mailbag: Return Reagan statue to donors," Nov. 11) . As a fellow Catholic and parent of four children educated at the Our Lady Queen of Angels (OLQA) School, I would prefer that clergy respect the longstanding division between church and state and keep their political opinions to themselves and concentrate on faith formation.

I'm sure the pastor of OLQA is just thrilled with his "in residence" guest alienating at least 75% of those who attend the church as he strives to not only raise funds, but to collect previously pledged dollars to complete the long-planned rebuilding of OLQA. The monsignor's viewpoint likely offends closer to 100% of those that are either inclined or able to actually assist in the donation process. Nice job, Padre. Enjoy your next assignment.

Mark Hoppe


* Privatization at what cost?

I find it curious to read about the privatization of, among so many other positions, our beloved trash collectors and then the very next day, the unnecessary extravagance of the new city hall ("Newport weights collection options," Nov. 13, and "Under Construction," Nov. 16). And we wonder why the city is having trouble making ends meet? Curious, indeed.

Julie Mattson

Newport Beach

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