Mailbag: Looking forward to the Occupation

As a resident of Huntington Beach, I am extremely excited that Occupy Orange County is coming to HB, and my family stands ready to join the movement in the peaceful demonstrations I have been a part of already ("Occupy eyes Surf City," March 8). We will continue to work together, including cleaning up the community after the demonstration.

As we get closer to the elections, we feel it is vital to spread the word now more than ever. We cannot continue to just sit back any longer. We must wake up and stop the corrosive power of major banks and multinational corporations over the democratic process, and the role of Wall Street in creating an economic collapse that has caused the greatest recession in generations. I have a son, and I want to help in the change ... for him.

Diane van der Goes

Huntington Beach


Movement will create a mess

I am greatly opposed to having an Occupy movement in Huntington Beach. Just check with other cities that have had them and how much money it has cost the cities to clean up and to try to get them to move on. Check with Irvine — it was a mess, and they also said it would be peaceful. Still a big no.

Joanne Wallace

Huntington Beach


Another option for Woman's Club

I feel it important to respond to the recent article in the Independent regarding the Woman's Club of Huntington Beach ("Group seeks all ages," March 8). I am a member of the 71 residents of downtown HB opposed to the rebuilding, and I would like to respond with some further facts and considerations as the club determines to rebuild.

The club clearly states its concerns, the viability of the club as its members are aging and maintaining its philanthropic positions via the income from the rental of the clubhouse. I would wonder why the club has not considered the celebration of its legacy via the sale of the property. This could establish a sizable trust, estimated at a minimum of $800,000. This money invested safely and conservatively could provide as much as $16,000 per year to be distributed as the ladies deem appropriate to the community charities that they support. This would seem to be a wonderful way to recognize the gift that the Woman's Club was endowed with in 1916. A $10 donation of land could provide in perpetuity to the community.

The club would continue to exist without the burden of running a "hall for hire" to hopefully cover expenses and even more remotely have a bit of money left over for donation. The money available through investment will far exceed the monies that will be available through the rental of a small wooden building in a residential neighborhood. The Woman's Club would have many choices on meeting places: their homes or the many available venues within Huntington Beach.

Darlene DeAngelo states that she is rooting for the preservation of the Woman's Club and has appreciated their support over the years. That support could work both ways with the Huntington Beach Art Center donating a meeting place for the women if necessary. We also believe it important for the group to be preserved, but do not believe that a structure defines the ability to preserve the organization. The Woman's Club legacy can be preserved and strengthened through the decision not to rebuild, but to create a larger and broader gift through the sale of the property.

Margo Cormier

Huntington Beach

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