Mailbag: Rohrabacher has earned suspicions

Thank you, Dana Rohrabacher, for setting the record straight that there is nothing sinister about your wife being paid nearly $200,000 from your campaign funds ("Rep. defends money to wife," March 29). But if everything is so transparent and above board, then why would you need to say, "This is maybe the 20th time I've commented, because every other year, the same thing comes up"?

Sir, you are being asked those questions because there is an appearance of impropriety: nepotism. A much more sinister activity in politics than in, say, a small family-owned business.

While you have avoided sanctions over your political career, you have on numerous occasions been closely associated with individuals not so fortunate: Tom DeLay, sentenced to state prison, Jack Abramoff, recently released from federal prison. Your vigorous defense of those associates both in their character and deeds, I believe, questions your ability to identify "sinister" activities.

If, as you say, you have had to defend your actions 20 times over your 22 years in Congress, then you just appear either clueless or uncaring as to what constitutes the public's perception of a sinister activity. You should have learned by now that, as the old adage goes, one's actions need to be honest in appearance as well as in fact.

Bob Rank

Huntington Beach


Facts look shady in Martin case

I read and appreciated your column about the Trayvon Martin case ("Could Florida tragedy happen here?" City Lights, March 29). I have been biting my lip to not say too much too soon on this case but, as you know, during the last week a video has been released in which it seems very clear that something very much stinks about this case and the surrounding investigation (the police video in which it is quite evident that any injuries to George Zimmerman did not justify killing anyone).

The part of this affair that I find so disturbing is that, while this is obviously not the first time something like this has happened (although this "stand your ground" law is relatively new), it is quite clear that the local police and, apparently, the state attorney have, or had, some reason to believe they might actually get away with this.

Thank you for your concern on this.

Michael Barton

Huntington Beach


DrunkRescue inspires a rhyme

Regarding "Hand over the keys," March 29:

Until every car is equipped with a DUI ignition lock

News of DUI mayhem and deaths will continue to shock

Cabs are a financial raid on one's purse

Then what is even worse

Waking up hung over in the early morning dark

How to find where your car you parked

Hoping against all hope it has not been towed away

When you need your car to start another day

Hats off to these to entrepreneurs whose price will break the backs

Of the outrageous gouging of the Orange County hacks

Better yet save a life or career or two

I only hope our transportation agency decides not to sue.

Michael P. Ridley

Costa Mesa

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