Mailbag: Rohrabacher doesn't believe in global warming

It is amazing to me that anyone would vote for Rep. Dana Rohrabacher. Hiring his wife to run his campaign is the least of our worries ("Rep. defends money to wife," March 29). This is from CBS Money Watch, June 2011:

"GOP lawmaker Dana Rohrabacher shocked and awed folks with his science smarts during a congressional hearing last month with this kicker: Clear cutting the world's forests would eliminate greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. He even suggested subsidizing the effort."

Not that Rohrabacher believes in global warming, because he doesn't, damn it. But if he did, Rohrabacher said cutting down the forests and chucking all the rotting wood would get rid of the 80% to 90% of emissions generated by nature itself, Politico reported.

To be clear, the natural world's decaying plant matter does produce carbon emissions. But the world's forests absorb far more carbon dioxide than they emit. Trees now capture about one-third of all man-made emissions.

Sandra Kaszynski

Costa Mesa


Drunk Rescue inspires a rhyme

Re. "Hand over your the keys," March 29:

Until every car is equipped with a DUI ignition lock

News of DUI mayhem and deaths will continue to shock

Cabs are a financial raid on one's purse

Then what is even worse

Waking up hung over in the early morning dark

How to find where your car you parked

Hoping against all hope it has not been towed away

When you need your car to start another day

Hats off to these to entrepreneurs whose price will break the backs

Of the outrageous gouging of the Orange County hacks

Better yet save a life or career or two

I only hope our transportation agency decides not to sue.

Michael P. Ridley

Costa Mesa


Food Pantry ready for summer influx

In March, our Laguna Food Pantry provided free groceries to 870 families and individuals, a total of 2,511 people. We hope that the economy soon improves so that our services are no longer needed, but until that time, our all-volunteer staff will welcome neighbors struggling to make ends meet.

Also, as summer approaches, many kids who depend on school for breakfast and lunch are at risk of going hungry. With that in mind, the Laguna Resource Center will increase its purchases from Second Harvest in Irvine and the Federal Food Bank to ensure that our pantry's shelves and refrigerators are well-stocked.

We're open weekday mornings from 7:30 to 10, just north of the dog park. All are welcome. No one has to show identification or proof of residence.

Andy Siegenfeld

Laguna Beach

The writer is the chairman of the Laguna Resource Center.

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