Mailbag: Animal rights don't stop with Fido

I am so relieved to note that the elected officials of Huntington Beach are focusing their attention on the really important things. Currently, a ban on the sale of dogs in pet shops is being considered by this high-and-mighty "we-know-better" City Council ("Council: phase out pet sales," April 19).

It seems that a large constituency has convinced them that the poor puppies are coming from breeding mills in the Midwest and that they are mistreated from the get-go. They are kept in cages, of all things. This, way more important than fighting crime, pales, in my view, to the issue sure to follow.

After the protectors of the puppies put our pet stores out of business, the fight of the fishes is sure to follow.

In case you did not know, the tetras, goldfish, black mollies and guppies you see mournfully swimming in confined circles at stores all over HB come from fish farms in the Midwest. They are taken from their mothers at birth and subjected to inhumane treatment from the start.

In discount and pet stores all over our otherwise compassionate city, untrained employees dump fish food, manufactured from dead fish relatives, into the filthy tanks daily. That's all the care they get.

And when they are sold, get this, they are scooped out, separated from their siblings and put in a plastic bag to be transported to yet another tank in an unfamiliar environment.

Fishie lovers unite! Ban the sale of all tropical fish in HB retail stores. Surely this issue is just as important as the one our fearless leaders are laboriously considering now.

Bill Borden

Huntington Beach


Services worth the extra tax

Regarding "A tough ride into Sunset," April 19:

Yes, I think annexation is good for Sunset Beach. We now have more police patrolling. The greenbelt appears to be in much better condition. The city posted signs telling the lot owners to remove weeds and trash. The marijuana clinics are gone. All in all, our quality of life has improved and it's worth the extra taxes.

Phyllis Maywhort

Huntington Beach


Reporter was fair on Rohrabacher

William B. Anderson is ill-informed and of another time era, whereby his opinions may have been viable at one time, but I feel are no longer ("Rohrabacher's character is clean," Mailbag, April 12). Promptly responding to phone calls does not qualify a "politician."

Michael Miller was simply reporting the news, not creating it ("Rep. defends money to wife," March 29). Maybe Miller should look into the possibility of Anderson receiving some kind of special favors from the out-of-touch right-winger Dana Rohrabacher. Orange County's pockets run deep for their own agendas, and that goes for the big "R" as well.

Lynn Copeland

Huntington Beach

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