Mailbag: Bring in the true conservatives

A couple of days ago, I received a political flier from Troy Edgar, who is running for the state Assembly. On the back of the flyer were endorsements from Republicans.

The first name cited was that of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher. In his 22-plus years in Congress, Rohrabacher has always been an "establishment" Republican, a "yes man" who is ready to jump upon any command from the establishment Republican leadership. Rohrabacher has never been a true conservative by never standing up against the establishment leadership.

This is the same leadership that has failed to "draw the line" with the bullies and thugs of the political left. Just look at the debt ceiling debate, past and upcoming. Rohrabacher's time has come and, hopefully soon, gone.

The left can no longer be dealt with. They must be defeated and soon, or America is up the creek without a paddle. The psychological damage they have forced on America has cancerized the American psyche.

Bin Laden had one day, but the left, through the school system, has had generations. They are a far greater threat to America than a ghost, and they are here in America right now. Boycott them and, surely, beware of them, for they are not of freedom and America.

John Merzweiler

Huntington Beach


Business shouldn't go to the dogs

I recently attended the Huntington Beach City Council meeting. One ordinance that was to be decided on came up on animal care and control of retail commercial establishments ("Council OKs pet sales ban," May 10).

This mostly considered pet stores getting their puppies from puppy mills. The ordinance will ban stores from selling these puppies. I think that it is ridiculous that this ban was passed. A lot of people will possibly lose their jobs over this.

We should worry more about people than animals. I believe that helping people is first, and then helping the animals.

Andrew Palmer

Huntington Beach


Writer needs to check theology

Muslims believe in the god of Abraham. According to Wikipedia, "Muslims maintain that Abraham further asked God to bless both the lines of his progeny, of Ishmael and Isaac, and to keep all of his descendants in the protection of God."

Christians and Jews also believe in the god of Abraham. Therefore, Muslims and Christians believe in the same god and both religions believe that there is only one god.

Bill Welsh is wrong when he claims that "The God of Islam is not the same as the God of Judaism and Christianity" ("Key differences in Bible, Quran," Mailbag, May 17). Indeed God, if he existed, would not be confused, but Muslims, Jews, Christians and Bill Welsh are.

Ernst F. Ghermann

Huntington Beach

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