Commentary: Shame on writer for exploiting suicide

Re. "Commentary: Leece is the only good council member," (July 29):

It was disappointing to read the Joseph Weber editorial where he attempts to re-ignite the debate over the death of former city worker Huy Pham for political gain.

For those that don't recall, Mr. Pham chose to end his life at our City Hall by jumping off the roof. He endangered the lives not only of our city workers, but of our residents.

While it is true Mr. Pham had many problems, don't compound the memory of his life by trying to use his death to curry votes. The Orange County Employees Assn. tried to exploit Mr. Pham last year, and the residents were outraged.

The City Council election is already shaping up to be a prize fight between those who want to rein in our spending, and those who want to bankrupt this city.

For our family, our ballot has already been decided. We are voting for Councilmen Gary Monahan and Steve Mensinger, and Planning Commission Chairman Colin McCarthy because they are the only candidates who are actively involved in this community, actively support our kids, and are fighting to ensure that Costa Mesa does not become the next Stockton, Vallejo, Mammoth Lakes or San Bernardino.

The other candidates have no involvement in our city, and have simply been recruited by the unions to take over our local government and give out outrageous salaries and pension benefits. This is a no-brainer.

But don't take my word for it; if you follow the opposition candidates, you will see a laundry list of police, fire and general employee support. It's support simply because those candidates will continue to pay outrageous, lavish salaries and benefits that continue to slowly bankrupt this great city.

In the past year, our city has made tremendous strides forward while other cities wither on the vine. We have finally learned to balance our budget without relying on our precious reserves. We have begun hiring city staff who actually live in our city and have roots here.

We continue to win awards for transparency and open government. We are investing back in the infrastructure of a city that is quickly aging.

I receive almost daily emails from our Chamber of Commerce about new businesses that have chosen to open in Costa Mesa, businesses that bring jobs and much-needed tax revenue. In difficult times, Costa Mesa leads the pack.

Monahan, Mensinger and McCarthy all have young children. They all have businesses. They didn't simply wake up one morning and decide to run for council, as the other candidates have. They all understand that we need to cut spending, grow our local jobs and re-invest in the future of our city.

For that, they have already earned our votes and should have yours!

PHIL LESH is a longtime Costa Mesa resident.

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