Mailbag: President is not a 'guest' to anyone in the county

Re. "Commentary: Obama needs to pay his tab to Newport Beach," (Aug. 12):

I do not have a very strong opinion about whether the Obama campaign should reimburse Newport Beach for the extra police protection the city provided during the president's fundraising visit. It is the sort of question good lawyers can find good arguments for on both sides.

But I was shocked and offended by the closer to Newport Councilwoman Leslie Daigle's commentary. She writes that the president has "been America's guest way too long."

She is entitled to whatever vile and malicious feelings she cares to harbor about the president, but to characterize him as the nation's "guest" is simply indecent in its disrespect.

I don't believe that even the most rabid birthers have characterized the president as America's "guest."

The councilwoman also writes that she represents "Newport Beach taxpayers who received no benefit from the event." This is also shocking and offensive.

Does she not represent all the Newport Beach taxpayers in her district, including those like me, who feel that they have benefited from the event?

It is scary to think that she actually believes she represents only people who share her hatred of the president.

Robert Newsom

Newport Beach


Council puts blame on wrong person

I am writing in response to the emergency Costa Mesa City Council meeting Thursday ("Dispute permeates meeting," Aug. 11).

It's hard to believe Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer had to take time to find out how the purchasing and bidding process takes place in our city because he was an originator of the proposed charter. Kind of late thinking and reasoning, don't you think?

He was out of order and cited by school Trustee Katrina Foley. However, Mayor Eric Beaver failed to acknowledge Mr. Righeimer's inappropriate conduct, and instead cited Ms. Foley for calling attention to it. What an inept City Council!

Joan Morrow

Costa Mesa

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