Commentary: Hansen's column on HIP District missed the point

In David Hansen's "A Map for Every Hipster" column, he made some points that are not accurate.

In his column, while he initially acknowledged that HIP District refers to Historic and Interesting Places, in the balance of the article he missed this point and only referenced hip as an outdated adjective.

The entire reason for the name is to draw attention to the historic and interesting places throughout the district. He suggests calling it Midtown; however, where would Midtown start and end?

Wherever it would happen to be, merchants outside of it would be upset they weren't included. Besides, it should be a readily walkable and fun-filled area. Walking from the edge of downtown to the Montage simply is too far.

Mr. Hansen also stated in his article that the HIP District was created and defined with "no real public involvement." This is also incorrect. To clarify this, we must point out that the HIP District is in fact listed on the city's official map, which is distributed by the visitors bureau and was approved by City Council.

He also identified Joe Hanauer as owner of Sapphire Laguna. Mr. Hanauer does not own Sapphire.

Finally, we appreciate his acknowledgment that "It is, by far, the best, most eclectic area of Laguna filled with wonderful businesses, amazing restaurants, sublime hotels and gorgeous beaches."

Mr. Hansen, that's exactly why we call it Historic and Interesting Places, or for short, if you will, the HIP District.

STEPHEN DOTORATOS is a Laguna Beach resident who handles marketing and public relations for the HIP District.

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