Mailbag: Trip was proof that it's 'mostly good'

I liked your article "'Just remember, it's mostly good'" (City Lights, Aug. 16). It did touch me. I caught the Colorado lead-in and thought…what in the world would this person have to say about that, but you took a tricky turn with the UCI candlelight vigil. And the part about "take a picture with a Sikh" was funny. We just spent a week traveling to Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon and Sedona. Honestly, it is mostly good.

Rebecca Gonzalez

Newport Beach


Not this writer's cup of tea

While many departments in the city may be reducing costs, I don't think they are asking their employees to pay out of pocket for their legitimate business expenses. That is what this City Council has just done ("Council cuts health benefits," Aug. 9). It is so sad to see that some on the City Council have traded common sense in order to look good to the people of the Tea Party. There motives are just too self-serving.

Sandra Fazio

Huntington Beach

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