Mailbag: Out-of-town lobbyist should stay in Sacramento

Re. "Commentary: Righeimer's opponents clearly fear the charter," (Sept. 1): Another Daily Pilot commentary from Sacramento political lobbyist and outsider Kevin Dayton that warrants a response.

It appears that Mr. Dayton needs yet another chill pill or the stress reducer of his choice. He is still reliving the trials and tribulations he suffered when he tried to hijack our Feb. 16 City Council meeting and was shut down after 10 minutes by the shouts and outrage of our Costa Mesa citizens, not union officials. How do I know they were Costa Mesa citizens? I was one of them. And I will shout him down wherever he appears in Costa Mesa to spew his divisive rhetoric.

Now, more than six months later, he still has to relive this event, again with incendiary words like "fascists" and "fearsome police power."

Let's get it straight between you and me, Mr. Dayton. You are a pandering lobbyist trying to insinuate yourself into our Costa Mesa government so that you can raise your visibility for other's of your ilk, who want to use strong arm methods to muscle citizens away from their rights for fair government and quality of life.

I do not appreciate your commentary on our police force or other safety or city employees. Stay in Sacramento, and keep your criticisms there.

We don't "fear" the charter anymore then we would fear any other poorly written term paper or lobbyist screed. It is a poorly written document. It takes the power away from the citizens of Costa Mesa. It puts our city in real jeopardy for abuse and cronyism in the future.

Harold Weitzberg

Costa Mesa

The writer is a candidate for Costa Mesa City Council.


Private investigator

Will private investigator Chris Lanzillo eventually be charged and prosecuted for making that allegedly phony 911 call about Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer, who was found sober? I hope so.

If everything the Daily Pilot has published is documented and accurate, it would seem as though the police have enough to throw the book at him — and I hope they do.

Vicki Bowers

Newport Beach


Farmers market

Except for perhaps two or three other homeowners, I am the homeowner nearest to the Corona del Mar Farmers Market and have resided at this location since 1979.

Every Saturday morning I listen to the alarms of autos left behind by their owners who seem to be oblivious of the warnings posted, and consequently those autos must now be towed before said market can open. Annoying, you bet, but that market is one of the best things that has happened to and for this community in the 30-plus years I've lived here, ask any neighbor.

Signs, or no signs, the offending dog walkers and the complainers alike need to be a little more considerate of the possible impact of their actions on this community.

Tom Stefl

Corona del Mar


City charter

I read Chuck Cassity's column, "Charter would give control," (Aug. 31), and there are several statements that I take issue with. However, the clearly erroneous statement about no-bid contracts has done an injustice to your readers.

Former Mayor Sandra Genis has pointed this out in her letter and I hope to soon see other letters detailing the entire issue that will prove beyond a doubt that no-bid contracts are allowed by the proposed charter.

I believe that Cassity should write a retraction of this comment. And, again I say, if he can't do better than this, his column needs to be canceled because Daily Pilot readers deserve better.

Charles Mooney

Costa Mesa

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