The God Squad: As High Holidays approach, may we all forgive each other

I am deep in prayer and preparation for the Jewish High Holidays that begin with the Jewish New Year celebration of Rosh Hashana this Sunday evening (all Jewish holidays begin the sundown before the day of the holiday. This is followed in 10 days by Yom Kippur, the day of fasting and repentance, beginning at sundown Sept. 25.

Let me do my work with you first. I ask your forgiveness, dear readers, for all my careless words and phrases that have distorted the word of God or the teachings of other faiths, or have hurt or confused you in any way. God is not through with me yet.

I also forgive you for all those moments when what you thought you read is not what I wrote, nor what I meant, and so on those occasions, which I hope were rare, you did not have the great pleasure of understanding me.

May all my Jewish readers and their families enjoy a New Year of health and happiness, and may the healing of our broken world begin with each and every one of us. To my non-Jewish readers, God bless you and keep you and may we find our way together and apart up the paths we've chosen on the same mountain.

God bless,


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