Mailbag: Community activism different than 'bashing'

Is Drew Kovacs a wannabe Tim Geddes? His letter ("Tim Geddes for City Council?" Mailbag, Sept. 6) would suggest that his envious carping might conceal some personal agenda of his own. I personally don't have one, but if sticking up for the community or promoting good government is evidence of a "my way or the highway" mentality, then I guess I plead guilty. The fact that my "jaded commentary" often contains proposed solutions and ideas along with constructive criticism is conveniently overlooked.

By the way, Mona Shadia is a well-rounded journalist and provides many capabilities and a valuable outlook to the Independent. I would never think of replacing her just to promote my point of view. Or running for City Council, unless Mr. Kovacs would like to make me a bigger target for his own cynicism. There are numerous community leaders in southeast Huntington Beach, downtown Huntington Beach, the mobile home parks of our city and elsewhere who would dispute my lack of stepping up and being active in civic affairs. Not to mention my eight years of service on a city board. But that wouldn't fit Mr. Kovacs' agenda.

It appears that Mr. Kovacs is indeed "missing something" in his criticism of my being out front on issues and taking those to task who are not representing our community effectively or fairly. Perhaps we can see some proposed solutions and constructive ideas from him in the Independent instead of "just bashing."

Tim Geddes

Huntington Beach


Columnist an asset to paper

We love to read Mona Shadia's column every week. Her column is informative, self-deprecating, funny and aims at building bridges between the faiths.

We are non-practicing Muslims living in Huntington Beach. Unfortunately, our religion has been hijacked by the extremists all over the world. On the other side, efforts to incite anti-Muslim hysteria by the likes of Terry Jones do not help. If the extremists on either side have their ways, we will never see a peaceful day in our lifetime.

That's why contributions by columnists like Mona are our only hope.

I am writing to you because the letter to the editor by Lena Vergara ("Let's hear from other views," Mailbag, Sept. 13) was questioning Mona's column (without referring to her by name) by saying "that to devote an entire column to the point of view of one particular religion is really not in the best interest of the larger group." I totally disagree with that viewpoint. On the contrary, we need more Monas on both sides. If you find a Christian or Hindu or Buddhist who will advocate peace among the religions and tolerance for each other, by all means, sign him/her up too.

Orhan Gurbuz

Huntington Beach


Put brakes on summer auction

Regarding "Official appeals car event," Aug. 30:

Why not schedule the auction before Memorial Day or after Labor Day to avoid using beach parking during the summer and bring new incremental visitors and their spending to town?

Gerald A. Caterina

Huntington Beach

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