Mailbag: Local Democratic Club disappoints

I am stunned to find out that the Laguna Beach Democratic Club is only endorsing Verna Rollinger for City Council. What happened to being inclusive? When did a purity litmus test rule our party? And sadly, how does one group rule the Democratic Club in Laguna Beach?

This LB Democrat is voting for Jane Egly and Bob Whalen. Two superb democratic candidates who were overlooked by the LB Democratic club. They are both competent, thoughtful, pragmatic, educated individuals willing to look out for the needs of the city.

I feel confident that they will serve our city well. I am wary of any candidate who is too beholden to a powerful group at the expense of wise decision-making.

Governance in our city should be based on intellect and thoughtful analysis. Sorry, Democratic Club, you disappoint me.

Peggy Wolff

Laguna Beach


Dicterow seems full of himself

Steve Dicterow must be Superman. At least that is what he seems to think. At his 9/11 Tribute — which he seemed to have turned into a campaign event and a celebration of himself — he takes single-handed credit for saving Laguna Beach last time he was in office.

The Coastline Pilot reports that "Dicterow said when he was first elected in 1994 the city had four major problems, which he said he resolved...."

Did Dicterow really use the first person singular? He resolved them? Alone? Didn't the city have a City Council, then as now? Did no one other than himself have anything to do with solving these major problems? Or did the council just vote to grant Dicterow personal dictatorial powers to save Laguna, single-handedly? He must be Superman. Give the man some tights.

Dicterow says "I don't want to compare myself to other candidates..." but then he does, finding himself to have "more energy, more enthusiasm and more passion than all the rest put together."

According to his campaign slogan, he apparently also thinks he has more "common sense" than they do. I wonder how well the other council members will work with him now that they know what he really thinks of them. Oh, well, I'm sure he can count on his own vote.

I can't wait for this wonderful man to tell us more about his accomplishments. Maybe he invented the Internet or Post-It notes.

Lee Otterholt

Laguna Beach


Trailers a 'blight' on Laguna

I recently wrote to all City Council members and City Manager John Pietig about the temporary lifeguard office trailers at Main Beach. These trailers are a "blight" on Laguna. They are an ugly eyesore and are absolutely not becoming of Laguna Beach.

Yet, to date, I have only heard back from Councilwomen Verna Rollinger and Toni Iseman in support of my concerns and remedies. It is rather remarkable that only two Council members have responded in a timely manner about something that should concern the entire city .

I am deeply troubled that despite being called "temporary," these trailers are going to be with us for at least 16 months (through next summer's tourist season). This may not only adversely affect Laguna's image as a beautiful destination point, but may actually have a downside effect on our tourist trade and local economy. It is worth noting how much time, energy, expense and investment went into beautifying Heisler Park, and yet it seems that no consideration went into the aesthetics about this project.

I have suggested to the council and the city manager that the city should provide some window dressing by way of bringing in trees, flowers, landscaping, etc. to hide the trailers. Another idea would be to surround the project with fences in which artist murals can be painted. Perhaps the city can "turn lemons into lemonade" by having an artist contest for such murals.

Anything will help, short of moving these monstrosities out of sight. They just don't belong in Laguna and don't belong at Main Beach — no matter how good the intentions are.

I have a feeling that the community at large will share my sentiments. I hope we hear from the silent Council members soon about this.

Alan Boinus

Laguna Beach

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