Mailbag: Coast Highway, not the harbor, is the danger

I am an avid paddle boarder, paddling four days each week in Newport Harbor for several years. I also travel Coast Highway each day.

The tragic accident and death of two cyclists this week are unfortunate reminders of just how dangerous and narrow Mariner's Mile is for traffic other than vehicles. I would suggest Newport Beach City Councilwoman Leslie Daigle focus her concerns on the safety of those on the streets, as opposed to our waterways.

In all my years of paddling, I have yet to come close to an accident, have yet to see such an event, or read about such a tragedy comparable to what seems to be regular news on Coast Highway.

Mark Hubbard

Newport Beach


Charter proposal is power grab

In "Charter frees Costa Mesa from the state," Forum, Sept. 20, Councilman Gary Monahan unintentionally tells why switching to a charter form of government is bad for Costa Mesa. Uncontrolled, Monahan and his cohorts could bulldoze their extremist agenda. Sophisticated voters will recognize this as a power grab and vote No on Measure V.

Richard Alexander

Costa Mesa


Measure V totalitarian move

During these pre-election weeks, many governments will be closely watching the scrimmage and skirmishes involved regarding the dreaded proposed charter Measure V of the city of Costa Mesa.

The council majority has sided against their own residents and employees (majorities). The council's totalitarian approach was to inform these very people that they will be subjected to the consequences of a proposed charter granting themselves (council) even more power.

James H. Bridges

Costa Mesa


McCarthy letter is wrong

Re: "Problem: pensions not council," Sept. 14: Planning Commission Chairman Colin McCarthy stated, "A system in which the police unions spend hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to elect who they want to the City Council…." This is a grand distortion. The police union does not spend any tax dollars. Their funds come from the salaries of their members who can spend their money any way they want.

Second, he refers to the "system" as corrupt but does not offer any legal facts to support this corruption charge. In fact a few sentences later he says that it is legal.

Third, because Mr. McCarthy usually likes to make his arguments personal, I was curious why Mr. McCarthy neglected to mention that one of his cohorts, Councilman Gary Monahan, went along with the retirement and pension plans that are of such concern.

Fourth, Mr. McCarthy never mentions the proposed city charter, which he has so strongly supported in the past as a means to address the pension issues. Even he knows now that the charter does not address the pension issues.

Fifth, the point that Mr. McCarthy did not sharpen is that only contract negotiations will address the pension issues and not the flawed proposed charter, which he so dearly loves.

Charles Mooney

Costa Mesa

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