Mailbag: Praise for Romney's comments on self-reliance

The Obama campaign manager refers to Mitt Romney's recent comments as shocking that he has disdainfully written off half of the nation.

That comment in itself should be considered shocking. Half of America is on government assistance?

Apparently, the Obama campaign manager, as well as Obama himself, is spending way too much time dramatizing every word that comes out of Romney's mouth. The fact is there is an inordinate amount of people on the government payroll, and yes, there are those who legitimately need assistance.

And that is the beauty of America — we do help those in need.

What we do need to look at is the big picture. There are countless individuals who have become accustomed to and take advantage of the handouts from the government. They have no incentive to try and get out of the predicament they are in, and yes, for those who have been paying taxes for 30-plus years, it does get frustrating.

President Obama needs to stop with the theatrics, quit spending so much time kowtowing to the Hollywood elite and either figure out a way to turn our country into a self-sufficient, successfully run country, or step aside for someone who will.

Anyone reading this article may think I am a rich, uninformed person who has no idea of the hardships of the average American. You would be so off the mark.

As a child, my mother found herself in dire straits, and she had to rely on the government for about a year. Even as a child, this was embarrassing, humiliating and, at that young age, it affected me.

This woman took it upon herself to do what was required to get herself out of her predicament. She got an education and a job while raising five kids on her own.

All of my siblings started working at a young age and have never even considered government handouts as an option. I am not a wealthy American, I appreciate what Romney said, and people should take this as an opportunity to show what they are made of and start taking responsibility for their own well-being!

Juli Hayden

Newport Beach


Costa Mesa transparency

Re: "Problem: pensions not the council," Sept. 14:

Once again, Planning Commission Chairman Colin McCarthy reveals why he would be a poor choice for city councilman.

McCarthy was responding to a letter by Clay Epperson on Councilman Steve Mensinger's comment that there is a lack of transparency on city contracts with labor groups. Epperson said he found the contract information on Costa Mesa's website.

McCarthy does not address the issue of transparency in his letter at all, but he does make a personal attack on Epperson and his pension and brings in several unrelated topics. This is a standard tactic for dealing with a subject you don't want to address: You change it to something you want to talk about, particularly when this subject allows you to serve as the mouthpiece and supporter of the majority City Council union.

Charles Mooney

Costa Mesa

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