Mailbag: 'Thugs' stole my Costa Mesa election signs [updated]

Election thugs stole 38 candidate and proposition signs from my front lawn and front door.

The lawn signs were in support of Measure V (the Costa Mesa city charter), incumbent Assemblyman Allan Mansoor, incumbent Councilmen Gary Monahan and Steve Mensinger, City Council candidate Colin McCarthy, incumbent Mesa Consolidated Water District 2 Director James Fisler, and a combination sign for Costa Mesa Sanitary District candidates Jeff Mathews and Don Harper.

Dozens of additional similar signs were stolen from my front-door area. On a recent evening between 6:50 and 9:50 p.m., my wife and I attended a fundraiser for Monahan when the theft occurred. A police report was filed.

Also, the entire block of Chios Road had all of its signs taken in support of the same candidates, presumably by opponents. Another similar occurrence was reported to me at the fundraiser. A large banner on a wall facing Mesa Verde Drive East was also missing.

The signs are on loan from the candidates' election campaigns and are paid for through donations from other Americans trying to participate in the election process and express their 1st Amendment right to free speech. This is more then theft; it is a violation of my constitutional right to free speech by people who oppress other Americans and corrupt our system of government.

First they go after Mayor Pro Tem Jim Righeimer — now me and my neighbors. Who is next?

And these oppressive people expect you to vote for them to govern our city? Yikes!

As expected, thugs cannot win elections fair and square.

Phil Morello

Costa Mesa


A previously published letter, "Candidates are backed by big labor," has been removed. The identity of the letter's author could not be confirmed.

Vote no on Measure V

According to the Census data of July 2011, there are 482 cities in California.

According to Councilman Gary Monahan, "120 cities throughout our state have decided to implement their own charters ..." That means that the remaining 362 cities have not decided to implement their own charters. Vote no on Measure V.

This November, Costa Mesa residents have a rare opportunity to send a message to the City Council and everyone else.

Isabel James

Costa Mesa

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