Mailbag: Out-of-towners oppose Measure V

Shame on you, Costa Mesans. I have had three sets of campaign signs stolen in the past 10 days from my front yard ("Steps taken to curb sign stealing," Oct. 2).

The signs were for Councilman Steve Mensinger, Planning Commission Chairman Colin McCarthy, Councilman Gary Monahan and Yes on Measure V. No signs for opponents were stolen, nor those opposing V.

I also have had four phone calls during the past week to encourage me to vote no on V. Three of the callers stated that they lived in cities outside of Costa Mesa, and one would not tell me where he was from. Let's let Costa Mesa people make their own decisions and not be swayed by dirty politics and outsiders.

Martie M. Schueler

Costa Mesa


Big game

Somebody must have put in some extra hours to get the Battle for the Bell story in the Saturday paper. I appreciate your doing that. This morning it is news. Sunday or Tuesday it wouldn't be. Thanks.

Dan Rycroft

Costa Mesa


Against V

When the councilmen tell us that this proposed charter — which they say is so sorely needed to save the city from certain financial disaster — won't change the way the city does business, one has to ask, "What are they not telling me?" When the salesman tells you, "Pay no attention to that clunking noise in the transmission," you'd better pay very close attention to it — or you might end up with a lemon.

Perry Valantine

Costa Mesa


Muslim column

I know you mean well when you keep publishing Mona Shadia's "Unveiled: A Muslim Girl in O.C." articles. You hope to promote interfaith understanding. But religions promote bigotry, metaphysics; they oppress people and make you want to believe in such blatant nonsense such as men going to heaven and returning from it.

It is probably too much to hope you will desist from printing these inane columns, but could you, at least, balance them with some that promote humanism and rationalism?

Eberhard Neutz

Laguna Beach


Democratic challenger

Re. Democrat challenges incumbent, Oct. 5:

"Varasteh's platforms, articulated in a campaign flier with the slogan, 'Stop our race to the bottom,' run the gamut from liberal (bringing the troops home from Afghanistan) to conservative (punishing employers who hire illegal immigrants)."

Amazing, someone in the media using the word liberal in an almost-correct manner. It would be a liberal position to bring the troops home, unless they were protecting life, limb or property of the citizens. It would also be a libertarian position. None dare call Democrats libertarians and none should call Democrats liberals, except in the media world of lies and deceit!

August Lightfoot

Newport Beach

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