Mailbag: Story glossed over Adams Elementary gains

I am writing to express my concern about your article, "State data: API scores jump 11 points," published in the Daily Pilot on Oct. 12.

The students, staff and families of Adams Elementary School are celebrating the tremendous progress our school demonstrated last year in both English language arts and mathematics. In fact, the test scores for Adams during the 2011-12 school year were the highest on record for the school, thanks to the tireless efforts of our dedicated teachers, supportive families and the enthusiastic students.

Everyone at Adams is thrilled to be one of the top five schools for API growth in Newport-Mesa Unified School District, and we see our recent progress as the foundation for future success to come. It is unfortunate that you chose to characterize Adams and other schools who demonstrated similar progress as "some of the lowest performers" on the front page of the paper.

I sincerely hope readers took the time to read further into your article to learn that Adams has met "safe harbor" designation and the school is on its way toward exiting Program Improvement.

Please take some time to correct the way you have chosen to represent Adams Elementary School. I welcome the opportunity to explain in detail the steps our school has taken to achieve a growth of 26 API points in one year. I am honored to work alongside the staff at Adams to serve our incredible students, and I'm sure upon additional inquiry, you will find many sources for engaging stories about the professionalism and dedication at our wonderful school.

Gabriel Del Real

Costa Mesa

The writer is the principal at Adams Elementary School.


Soup Kitchen

In regards to the recent letter writer's comment about what a great facility Someone Cares Soup Kitchen is, I find it touching that she contributes to the effort. I did notice that her hometown is Corona del Mar. I wonder if she would have the same heartfelt feeling if the soup kitchen was in her neighborhood and brought the homeless to Corona del Mar, sleeping in her bushes, and had her property value affected by it.

Marlene McClary

Costa Mesa


Water district rumors

I would like to thank the citizens and ratepayers of Mesa Consolidated Water District Division 3 for their past support. Contrary to rumors being spread, I am alive and healthy and am seeking your support to continue to serve the citizens of Division 3. My tenure on the Mesa Water District board has been dedicated to keeping water rates low, improving water reliability and improving water quality.

Contrary to rumors:

•No director of Mesa Water District gets a pension.

•Mesa Water District receives no tax revenue.

•All travel and meeting expenses for board members must be approved by the entire board of directors.

•I am the only Mesa Water District director who does not accept district-provided health insurance.

Trudy Ohlig Hall

Costa Mesa

The writer is a Mesa Consolidated Water District board member

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