Mailbag: Time to face facts on Measure Z

Please enlighten me on the arguments I have continually heard both from the for and against Measure Z camps. Let me preface by saying I am sure I will get an earful from the folks who do not like my stance on this and various matters, but what the heck, that's what freedom of speech is for and this is food for thought.

Now, if I take all the comments I have read and heard from the "no" folks, they say that the removal of this tax will impact a litany of city services across a wide gambit, which I as a longtime resident would hate to see myself because we have a great quality of life in HB, but this may be a reality. The "anti" Z folks do not say one thing regarding the retirement issue, which has been the edifice of this measure from day one, and how they would address this...turn your cheek and think it does not exist. They seem to send a smoke screen based on the collateral effect it would have, yet they bury their heads in the sand regarding the unsustainable pensions and reform that is needed.

All people in this country and municipalities are under stress to get their rampant finances in order, so why are these folks so stuck on not doing what needs to be done? Perhaps there are too many unions working in the back room to push this agenda against Measure Z. The "yes" folks are just pushing a matter that needs to be dealt HB going to become a mini-California Legislature that just kicks the can down the road, or will they do what is needed?

This city as well as the state must make tough choices, and asking for people to pay into their retirement versus the taxpayers is a reality...most of us in the private sector have done so for years due to changing fiscal dynamics. You have to start somewhere, even though it hurts.

Drew Kovacs

Huntington Beach


Sad farewell to nature column

I was sad to read that the column written by Lou Murray and Vic Leipzig will no longer run in the Huntington Beach Independent ("The big bad wolf is back in Yellowstone," Natural Perspectives, Oct. 11). For years, this has been a favorite column of mine, as it speaks to the local and California environment. Many of us recognize the importance of doing what each can do in our daily lives to protect and enhance our environment. This column has provided valuable information in a user-friendly manner from backyard to trips to the larger California experience.

In my opinion, the column serves a very positive and educational purpose.

Kathryn E. Goddard

Huntington Beach

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