Commentary: Why West Newport opposes EE

I am a member of the West Newport Beach Assn. (WNBA) and received a letter from them urging a no vote on Measure EE. The letter was also addressed to the Newport Beach City Council and outlined in plain and simple language the rationale behind the WNBA's position.

What I've heard about Measure EE is that 38 changes to the city's charter (which I understand is like the city's constitution) would be made in a single measure versus separating them out and voting on them individually. At minimum, the math didn't work for me.

Beyond seven of anything (let alone 38 changes to our city's constitution) most people are unable to assimilate the information. The WNBA letter addressed three of the 38 changes proposed with an explanation as to why the change would be harmful to West Newport Beach, and concluded the letter stating that there were many more issues in Measure EE that were problematic for the community if the measure is passed.

If you are unfamiliar with the WNBA, this is a group of Newport Beach residents representing various neighborhoods in West Newport Beach, including the numbered streets, Balboa Coves, the Finley Tract, Lido Peninsula Resort, Lido Sands, Newport Crest, Newport Island, Newport Shores, Park Lido, Seashore Drive, Versailles, Villa Balboa and West Oceanfront.

A fairly broad-based organization, don't you think? And, the mission of the WNBA, as stated on their website, is to "represent the residents, homeowners, homeowner associations and business owners, to serve as a united voice, to collect information, formulate policy, and act on those issues that affect the social and economic interests of West Newport Beach." Isn't that refreshing?

What the WNBA board did was to meet to discuss the measure and determined that it would be in the residents' best interest to vote no on Measure EE. Well, thank you WNBA board for fulfilling your mission statement and enlightening me on what didn't look to be anything that would benefit me or my family because it involves more than seven changes to our city's constitution with only one vote — and mine won't be one of them.

West Newport Beach Assn. member DOROTHY KRAUS lives in Newport Crest.

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