Mailbag: Whitehead column was right on the money

Re. "From The Boathouse: Marina 'tax' scary beyond words," (Oct. 26):

I always enjoy reading Mike Whitehead's mostly spot-on columns and this one was no exception. I agree with what seems to be a common conclusion that escalation of marina rents will help succeed in driving out of business the folks who have devoted their lives to building it to what it has become, and ideally will continue to be. Although not without its shortcomings, it truly is a proud representation of Newport Beach.

I seem to recall that someone in our beloved nation's history uttered the slogan, "United we stand, divided we fall." I suggest that those businesses in the marina area that are affected by the change to "market-level rents" form a committee for the purpose of formal protest, initiate a petition to repeal this inequitable change in rents, obtain signatures, and last but not least, uniformly stop paying the city until the matter is either adjudicated or otherwise resolved.

Paul Christ

Newport Beach


Cassity on environment

Re. "Cassity: Don't listen to 'enviro-wackos' about oil," (Oct. 12):

I would suggest that Chuck Cassity read environmental reports of global warming, in part caused by fossil fuels, and supported by nearly every major scientist in the world; of animal extinction occurring at an ever increasing rate; of world overpopulation; and of the increased melting of the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets and the rising oceans.

Diana Walker

Costa Mesa


CdM fire rings

Re: Newport Beach fire rings issue:

Has anyone considered the idea of putting in, renting or allowing people to bring in gas stoves and barbecues to use instead of wood fires at the rings? Anyone?

Seems like it might take care of the our particular peculiar particulate problem while preserving people's access to making wonderful memories like I had growing up in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa and going to assorted affairs at the fire pits with family and friends.

Patrick Flynn

Costa Mesa

The writer is a former Newport Beach resident.

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